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Stroke & Stride final chapter

The third and final chapter of the Ogier Stroke & Stride swim/run series for 2011 is on tap at Sunset House this Wednesday, with action slated to get underway at 5:45 p.m.

The first two sessions have each attracted more than 125 participants, including individual competitors and another twenty-plus two-person teams.

With the swim distance increasing by another 200 metres, there are varying opinions as to what effect the addition will have on particular performances.

Although placings each week so far have resulted in Marius Acker and Matthew Courtis ending up 1-2 in the men’s category.

Jacqui Retief and Pam Abbott matching that in the ladies and Cajun Hounds and Lusher and Lowry doing the same in the team division.

There are a number of other individuals and twosomes hoping to pounce on any error by the leaders and thus gain a podium appearance.

The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association, organiser of the event, invites everyone to come and view the culmination of this exciting battle.

Performance awards and random prizes will be distributed following the the tallying of results.


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