July 26, 2021

Stop the selling of tobacco products

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Open Letter to Hon. President of International Court of Justice

From S.K.Patnaik

Dear Sir,

Cigarette, Chew-able-tobacco, Little Cigars, chewing tobacco, dip-tobacco are no use in this world. Some million of peoples are suffering cancer because of it. It’s just like “restricted drugs”.

If we will pack something with heavenly look & its inner product will also be stylish and if it is an addicted item, put into the market for a sale, then will it not be sold?

Why we should sell harmful products in market, and again try to supply medicines for precautions?

It is a drug type product which creates a feeling of unnatural activeness into our brains. Supplying some harmful products that are agents for cancer, is not a crime?

Isn’t government promoting these things by giving license to manufacturing units/factories?

In 2008, the World Health Organization named tobacco as the world’s single greatest preventable cause of death. Then why not it banned till today?

When first these things came into marketing, to promote companies are used brand ambassadors like celebrities and players act main role in the market. Generally to whom teenagers respect like Heroes of Heart. Whereas it’s an addict-product, generally where no advertisement require, as all knows this truth. But we have done. No doubt, now a day’s advertisement about these products has banned in world, but these things are been promoted by senior people of societies or close friends. If a senior person will stand and smoke in a public place, then will not the teenagers get influence by him?

If companies sold tobacco in loose conditions, like rice or wheat, it’s not able gathered trillions of people into it. The main thing of these are > easy to use, easy carry, its smell, its chemical composition, stylish and pushing of senior people.

In my view to stop these things ban manufacturing units throughout the world. It’s the only way to stop these things. No use of anti smoking drugs/anti tobacco drugs or any world level social institutions. Or we are wasting time, money and lives.

It’s a special request to the all social media – kindly forward the above message to all id holders.

Thanking You Sir,
Sanjay Kumar Patnaik,
Plot No.918/1758, Gandhi Nagar 10th Lane,
Brahmapur, Ganjam, Odisha, India, Pin-760001

CC to > United Nation, Government of World, thousands of English Newspapers/ channel.


IMAGE: Greg Monforton & Partners

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