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Stay-Focused, the Beacon of Opportunity in the Cayman Islands

From Scuba Diver Life

Non-profit organization Stay-Focused recently sponsored four weeks of diving for divers with disabilities in Grand Cayman

Stay-Focused is a non-profit organization that focuses on giving persons with disabilities a chance to go scuba diving for the first time, or to increase their diving skill set. In the summer of 2017, Stay-Focused led four weeks of underwater adventure in the Cayman Islands. Two weeks of the program welcomed back some divers from the summer of 2016 for a reunion after their original certification last year, while the other two weeks were for first-time divers with disabilities who will return next year for their reunion.

Stay-Focused has PADI certified 108 divers since 2004. As Grand Cayman Marriott’s signature charity, and in partnership with Red Sail Sports, the organization is a cornerstone of the Cayman Islands’ scuba diving tradition and culture. The Stay-Focused program also instills educational activities to each of the four weeks, including a marine life workshop, parasailing, kayaking, and a visit to the Cayman Islands’ Turtle Farm. Perhaps most important is the Legacy Log, which each diver completes at the end of the week to show what the experience has meant to them.

Spring 2018 fundraiser

In addition to the Stay-Focused diving program in the summer, the organization is hosting a fundraiser in the spring of 2018, Push Across Cayman. Stay-Focused’s founder, Robert Muller, and the program director, Ryan Chalmers, return to Cayman to orchestrate the race for persons with disabilities to raise money and awareness, and to foster competition and fun.

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