November 29, 2021

Statistics show that 83% of 2015 murders were committed with the use of firearms

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In the year 2015 83 percent of all murders committed were done so with the use of a firearm.

This statistic was stated by Head of the North Easter Division Task Force Inspector Roger Alexander today on the Power Breakfast Morning Show on Power 102.1fm.

He said that based on these facts, the various arms of the protective services had to find a way to stop the firearms from entering Trinidad and Tobago.

He said that one major problem facing the proliferation of guns was T&T’s porous borders.

He also said that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service was prepared to do all that they could to protect the children of T&T.

Recently The Minister of Education Anthony Garcia requested a list of deviant students from both the Chaguanas North Secondary and El Dorado East Secondary Schools.

He told the media that he would not tolerate disruptive behavior in schools.

Inspector Alexander disclosed that a big obstacle in dealing with violent youth was that nothing was in place to deal with the parents or negative issues that occur in the home.

The Inspector acknowledged that the police service still had some way to go in dealing amicably with members of the public however he also said that the public had a responsibility as well.

One Response to statistics show that 83% of 2015 murders were committed with the use of firearms.

Hans-Elmar says:
March 11, 2016 at 6:12 pm
Officially T&T has no porous borders. There are border check all over.However, the weapons arrive the same way drugs arrive in containers. Customs officers who check containers thoroughly will not live much longer. Therefore they don’t do their job properly. This is not a new story.Even when Patrick Manning was prime minister customs officer who didn’t comply were killed in front of their house.When Kamla took over it became obvious that T&T employs customs officer at habours only for spot checks which means containers don’t get screened and no dogs are employed to find drugs. The customs are unable to prevent the smuggling of weapons into T&T. T&T needs a national security service which includes the coast guard, the police, the regiment and prison service. The members of this service should never display their name in the open. Once criminals know names of officers they black mail and kill them.Also under the rulership of Dr Keith from Mason Hall T&T remains one of the leading crime countries of the

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