January 15, 2021

Statement by Cayman Islands Deputy Governor [re Compass story]

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From The Office of the Cayman Islands Deputy Governor

Overnight, an erroneous story concerning Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon appeared online and in print in the .  Whilst efforts have been made to remove this misinformation from public circulation, murmurs persist.

Anyone who knows Mrs. McField-Nixon would instantly have discredited such a story.  However, the original release and subsequent republication of this misinformation was highly unfortunate and now requires my action.  I can confirm that the story was grossly inaccurate and is fully without merit.

For two decades, Mrs. McField-Nixon has upheld high standards of conduct and ably and steadfastly promoted and guarded the reputation of the Cayman Islands Civil Service.

Each month I participate in the orientation for new hires and as part of the their induction to a career within the civil service I advise that, “Constructive criticism is not only to be expected but sought and that smears are not only to be expected but fought.”

As Chief Officer McField-Nixon addresses this false information and those responsible for its release, she has my full confidence that she will continue to be a compelling guardian of the truth.


: We had not read the Compass story nor  “republication of this misinformation”. The Compass story has since been removed.  have reported the story was completely false and it said McField Nixon was described as being 38 years old, a former administrator at the and she has quit the civil service.

A very simple and easy check confirms CNS are correct. McField- Nixon is not 38, has never worked in the Facilities Management Department and still works for the civil service in a much senior position!

UPDATE to above: Today (Monday 9) I have read Compass Publisher David Legge’s explanation for the error. His explanation makes complete sense as I was incredulous when I learned who the writer of the story was. A most respected and experienced journalist.

See: https://www.caymancompass.com/2017/10/09/from-the-publisher-anatomy-of-an-error/

It would appear to be the case of “too many cooks”….

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