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State of the Union: Moments that got social media talking

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GETTY IMAGESImage captionA photo of Nancy Pelosi clapping after Mr Trump’s address has gone viral

As US President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address to Congress, many people took to social media to discuss the event.

Among the political analysis and partisan debate, a number of altogether more light-hearted talking points came up.

The #PelosiClap

It is perhaps unsurprising that Nancy Pelosi became the subject of one of the most popular memes on the night.

The new House Speaker, de facto leader of the Democratic Party, sat behind President Trump during his address and is one of the most high-profile opponents of the president.

Many on social media thought this political rivalry was captured in a photo of Ms Pelosi applauding after Mr Trump called for compromise in politics.

The image, termed the “Pelosi clap”, quickly went viral.

It came after Mr Trump broke traditional protocol by not waiting for the customary introduction from the House speaker before beginning his speech.

The women in white

Women on both sides of the house made a powerful political statement by wearing white to celebrate the centenary of women’s right to vote in the US.

The move highlighted how many more female Democrats there are compared with Republicans.

The female representatives sat stony-faced as President Trump said “no-one has benefited more from our thriving economy than women”.

After the president said that women “filled 58% of the newly created jobs last year”, they started enthusiastically cheering and clapping each other.

Many of the Democratic lawmakers cheering took office after the recent mid-term elections, which saw a record number of women elected, and the Democrats win a majority in the House of Representatives.

The irony of this was not lost on many Twitter users.

While many suggested that Mr Trump didn’t intend for his comments on female employment to be associated with the electoral success of Democratic congresswomen, the president did go on to praise the influx of female lawmakers.

Melania’s guest fell asleep

Trump boy
Image captionNot everyone was exactly gripped by the speech

President Trump and First Lady Melania invited 11-year-old Joshua Trump from Wilmington, Delaware, who has been bullied at school because of his surname.

Photos appearing to show the boy, who is not related to President Trump, dozing off during the speech earned him some fans on Twitter.

His parents pulled him out of school as they said his classmates had called him an “idiot” and “stupid” for sharing the same name as the president.

Eline, the girl sitting next to him, has been treated for brain cancer. She seemed to enjoy the evening a lot more.

Wonky neckwear

The State of the Union is an opportunity for the president to inform the nation of his goals for the year ahead. But some were distracted by less weighty issues – the position of his tie.

Many took to social media to point out that the president’s trademark red tie was off-centre.

What is Pelosi reading?

During the almost 90-minute address, many social media users seemed preoccupied by trying to guess what Nancy Pelosi was reading.

Some took to Twitter to suggest that Ms Pelosi was being “disrespectful” by reading while the president spoke.

Green screen?

After President Trump finished his address, Stacey Abrams delivered the Democratic response.

While the Georgia politician spoke about immigration, voting rights, healthcare and the economy, Twitter-users honed in on the way the address looked.

Ms Abrams could be seen stood at a lectern in front of a group of people blurred out behind her.

Many wondered if she was appearing in front of a green screen.

However, as can be seen below, after Ms Abrams finished speaking and the camera zoomed out, it is clear that a green screen was not used.

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