October 27, 2020

St Kitts and Nevis leading attorney concerned about fragile Caribbean electoral systems


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Charles WilkinBy Ken Richards From WINN

St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Bar Association president Charles Wilkins is likening Caribbean societies to truculent adolescents who place appearance over substance, whose bravado masks deep insecurities and who have perverted notions of respect.

The prominent lawyer has been commenting on the St Vincent and the Grenadines general elections.

QC Wilkin contends that the poll, as did what he describes as St Kitts and Nevis’ 26 month election, show how fragile Caribbean electoral systems are, and how badly the region needs its leaders to “come down from their ego mountains”.

According to the prominent Kittitian attorney, most Caribbean countries are only a short distance from becoming banana republics.

He cites what he labels “the desperate need for effective legislative deterrents to despotism”.

Quoting famous Trinidadian writer VS Naipaul’s description fifty years ago of Caribbean leaders as Mimic men, Wilkin who himself recently released his first publication, argues that the Naipaul description is still largely true.

Charles Wilkins says the sad thing is that they mimic despots like Mugabe and Chavez rather than Mandela.

IMAGE: Charles Wilkin Q.C.

For more on this story go to: http://www.winnfm.com/index.php/news/local/15091-leading-attorney-concerned-about-fragile-caribbean-electoral-systems#sthash.cWtn6efK.dpuf

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