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St. George’s Jamaican Independence Service

St. George’s Anglican Church held their annual Jamaican Independence Day Service on Sunday at 9am.

The morning started with the playing of Redemption Song as people arrived for the celebratory service and ended with the singing of the Jamaican National Anthem.

The congregation welcomed the Jamaican Vice Consul to Cayman, Ms. Elaine Harris, the Honourary Jamaican Consul Dr. Joseph Marzouca and the Hon. McKeeva Bush OBE, JP.

Dr. Marzouca read the Prime Minister’s Message to the congregation and the Hon. McKeeva Bush OBE, JP delivered a welcome message saying, “I wish Jamaica the very best. Jamaica is still a pearl.”

The service continued with an insightful sermon by Archdeacon Hollis Peter Lynch where he finished by saying, “May God bless Jamaica and give us peace.”

Victor O’Garro, aka Coach Voot, received praise from the congregation as he talked about the Jamaican people before the church announcements saying that, “Jamaicans are a proud, conscientious, hard working group of people.”

The Church was decorated with flower bouquets with green ribbons hanging from them, showing the green of the Jamaican flag. The congregation also shined in Jamaican colours with people dressed in green, black and gold to represent the Jamaican flag. The programme was decorated with pictures of coconut trees and, on the front, an image of Jamaica’s national bird, a beautiful hummingbird.

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