May 14, 2021

Smart and practical solutions every HR team should implement to perform better

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Running a smooth HR department requires a level of skill, knowledge, and experience, but also ingenuity. As an HR specialist, it is your job to make sure that the employees of your organization are meeting fulfilling their obligations to the company, but also that their needs are being met. 

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To help you with this task, we’ve put together a brief list of smart and practical solutions that should improve the efficiency of your department. 

Cultivate Clear Communication 

Lack of communication is one of the leading causes of friction in the modern corporate world. It’s a vertical and lateral problem. In other words, employees usually have issues communicating with their higher-ups, but also communicating with their peers. Lack of communication leads to mistakes, which in turn leads to more friction. 

Promoting a culture of clear communication within your organization is going to solve most of these issues. Encourage employees to ask questions and communicate with their superiors as well as other departments. That is the only to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that everyone’s job is being done properly. 

Incentivize Your Employees 

Offering performance-based incentives and perks is a great way to boost the overall efficiency of your company. More importantly, it’s a way of showing your employees that their work is appreciated. A motivated and properly compensated employee will often go above and beyond their duties. 

Incentives don’t have to be monetary either. HR specialists from WorkBright argue that time off is sometimes the best incentive you can give to your employees. Of course, monetary bonuses are always welcome, especially following a critical year for the company. 

Stay On Top of Your Recruitment Game 

Recruiting is still one of the most critical jobs of the HR team. Finding the right candidate for a position, and then retaining that candidate long-term is something that every HR department strives for. However, achieving this goal isn’t always easy and requires a well-developed recruitment strategy in place. 

Such strategies develop over time. Your department needs to keep track of critical KPIs and make adjustments accordingly. The only issue is that gathering the necessary data takes time. You won’t know whether your recruitment strategy is on the right track until a few months in. 

That being said, if you follow the established procedures and use recommended best practices, the entire process of tweaking a recruitment strategy should be reduced to several minor adjustments. 

Feedback and Evaluation 

Feedback and evaluation are powerful tools that bring all kinds of benefits to you as well as your employees. Providing feedback to an employee gives them guidance. If they’re doing everything right, they will get a word of praise. If they’re doing something wrong, they’ll be informed before a mistake becomes a pattern. 

On the other hand, your HR department will gain access to invaluable data that will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employee structure. 

Of course, you have to be careful with the way you give feedback. There has to be some tact, too. Feedback should be given in private, especially if it’s negative. Negative feedback should be conveyed through constructive criticism. That way you’re letting the employee know that they’re doing something wrong, but you’re also giving them a solution. 

Cultivate Innovation 

No matter the position or where it is located on the corporate structure, there will always be several employees who will express innovative suggestions and try to help the company beyond what’s in their job description. 

It’s important that you recognize such individuals and help their voices be heard. Even if their ideas aren’t always as effective or revolutionary as they thought, they should be able to gain an audience with their immediate superiors or whoever needs to hear what they have to say. The frequency of fresh, quality ideas coming from such spurs of innovation will surprise you, even in smaller organizations. 


Last but not least, make sure that employees working for your organization receive appropriate compensation for their efforts. Underpaid employees will quickly reduce their involvement with the company to producing the minimum required effort. 

Such conditions will also signal quality professionals within your company that they should start looking for a new workplace. Because of that, it is imperative that you stay competitive with your salaries. 

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All of the above hinges on a quality HR department. Investing in HR has the power to completely change the long-term performance of the entire company and increase sales or conversions. A good HR department is a crucial foundation that supports every other aspect of the company.

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