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Sir Tom Jones’ wife of 59 years dies following ‘short but fierce cancer battle’

sir-tom-jones-509871 tom-jones-509852 sir-tom-jones-509855 tom-jones-659932By KIRSTY MCCORMACK From Daily Express UK

The wife of Sir Tom Jones has died following a “short but fierce battle with cancer” its been confirmed.

The 75-year-old posted a statement on his official Facebook page this morning, which read: “Sir Tom Jones’ wife of 59 years, Lady Melinda Rose Woodward, passed away Sunday morning, April 10, after a short but fierce battle with cancer.

“Surrounded by her husband and loved ones, she passed away peacefully at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Tom and Linda married back in 1957, and remained together despite his many well-publicised infidelities. The couple have one son together named Mark Woodward, who works as Sir Tom’s manager.

Sir Tom Jones’ wife of 59 years, Lady Melinda Rose Woodward, passed away Sunday morning, April 10, after a short but fierce battle with cancer

Earlier this month, Sir Tom sparked concern when he cancelled a gig in Manila due to a “serious illness” in his immediate family.

It was believed to be Linda who had been taken ill, but this was denied by his management.

In his autobiography released last year, Sir Tom revealed his wife has twice had cancer scares, is a heavy smoker and had developed emphysema.

As previously reported, Sir Tom’s marriage to Linda has been rocked by the Welsh star’s infidelities in the past, with him famously claiming that he bedded 250 women in one year at the height of his career.

But despite his self-confessed adultery, Sir Tom was completely devoted to his childhood sweetheart, whom he met in his hometown of Pontypridd at the age of 12 before they tied the knot at just 16.

Last November he told Loaded Magazine in an interview: “My wife keeps me sane. As long as Linda is there for me, my life is good.”

But in an interview with the Sunday Times last autumn he said his wife “had depression since she was young” and had “lost her spark”, preferring to stay at home in Los Angeles rather than going out and about with him.

He also once revealed how Linda beat him up at their home in Los Angeles after the story of an affair with a Miss World hit the news.

“I stood there and took it. She chinned me. She punched and shouted,” he explained.


Sir Tom Jones’ wife has passed away following a short battle with cancer GETTY

Sir Tom and Linda married in 1957 and have one son together GETTY

The Welsh singer confirmed the news on his Facebook page  FACEBOOK

The couple’s marriage was rocked by Sir Tom’s many well-publicised infidelities GETTY

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