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Should the police be armed with Tasers?

Yesterday we revealed how police on the streets of Cayman may soon be armed with Taser guns.

The weapon fires 35,000 volts of electricity and can leave a suspect incapacitated without doing any permanent damage.

We asked the people on Cayman whether they thought arming the police with these “shock-guns” was a good idea.

Addison Stoddart, 32, from Red Bay:

“Tasers should only be used as a deterrent to crime, not on a regular basis.

“It can be really dangerous when used under the wrong circumstances. Other than that, I see no problem with it.”

Allan Perez, 34, from George Town:

“The police should be more aggressive towards crime, the Taser is not enough.

“Someone could be robbing you with a gun, if the police show up with Tasers, then what next?

“The robbers will take advantage of the situation.”

Johan Bueschebaer, 64, from George Town:

“Tasers will give the police more defensive capabilities. The Taser is necessary, the economy is bad, and burglary is going up.

The police need to have more than just a stick.”

Christopher Ebanks, 37, from George Town:

“I would ask are the police going to be properly trained? Are the police going to be responsible with the Tasers?’

“Some police officers are not very good, and I would rather them having a Taser rather than a firearm, since the Taser is not considered a lethal force.”

Shelly Ebanks, 42, from George Town:

“Having a properly trained task force is a good idea. Tasers are ok, but for every officer?

“The use of a Taser is a big responsibility and officers need to be able to exercise restraint when in possession of them.”

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