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Shocking verdict: tech giants absolved of human rights abuse

March 10th, 2024News Digest
Supply chain
U.S. court shields tech giants, ignoring child labor abuse in cobalt supply chains
A U.S. court ruling absolves tech giants, including Apple, Google, Dell, Microsoft, and Tesla, from acco
untability for exploitative child labor in their cobalt supply chains, sparking outrage from advocacy groups. The decision, labeling the companies’ involvement as “ordinary buyer-seller transactions,” undermines efforts to address documented human rights abuses. Take action…
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Human trafficking
Libyan Coast Guard attacks German NGO rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean Sea
The Libyan Coast Guard violently attacks a German search and rescue ship leading to migrants leaping into dangerous waters. Further complicating matters, Italian authorities, seize the ship upon arrival, raising questions about their priorities as abuses and exploitation persist in the ongoing migrant crisis fueled by E.U.-funded Libyan Coast Guard operations. Take action…
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Detained survivors
From exploitation to incarceration: the crisis of modern slavery survivors in U.K. prisonsIn
2023, the alarming rise of modern slavery in the U.K. took a dark turn as survivors found themselves incarcerated for crimes they were forced to commit. A lack of identification and support in U.K. prisons raises the concerning possibility that more survivors than perpetrators are imprisoned. Take action…
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