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Service for candidates

A Service of Worship with the Candidates in the Cayman Islands 2017 General Elections

By Georgina Wilcox

Elmslie Memorial Church last Sunday was packed to capacity last Sunday (7) when the large majority of the 61 candidates standing in the May 23rd General Elections were present along with their supporters, friends and interested members of the public.

However, their were some notable non attendees. Cayman Brac candidates were (not so surprisingly) absent but it was a shock (to me, anyway) that the two notable West Bayers, Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of the Opposition – McKeeva Bush and Bernie Bush – were not there.

There mysterious non attendance mattered not at all as it was a wonderful and inspiring service.

The excellent Message was given by Rev. Derik Davidson, the Interim Minister at Elmslie. Titled “The Secret of a Great Nation” it contained three main headings but the main word that all contained was “Righteousness”. The Minister also touched on the now almost taboo subject of ‘same-sex marriages’ and pointed out that although a few years ago unions between male/male and female/female were frowned on and marriage between the same sex was forbidden, as time has passed on to the more liberal years, it doesn’t make it right in God’s eyes.

A lot of the candidates moved uncomfortably in their seats at this.

Rev Mary Graham Rector of St George’s Anglican Church led the Peace and Unity Liturgy and the Candidates were invited to stand up and make various declarations. They all did, “Humility”, “respect”, “truth”, “trust”, “integrity” “avoidance of corruption and injustice” and “unity” were just some of the words they had to promise they would abide by.

Bibles were handed out to all the Candidates by all the pastors taking part and the highlight for me was the “giving of the peace” where the whole of the attendees in the church arose and mingled around, shaking hands, and greeting with warm smiles.

It was some time before order was restored and everyone went back to their seats.

There was of course prayers but there was also music. Inspiring hymns and even the Swanky Kitchen Band presented a hymn that a lot of people wanted to get up out of the hard wooden pews and dance to.

Rudy Myles led “The National Anthem” and Erika Rockett-McBean “the Nation Song”.

Musicians included Kathy Jackson, Noel Wallace, Antonio Sanchez and Garth Webster.

The Colour Party was led by the Boy Scouts.

I was most moved by the Service. Huge thanks to the organizations who put the event on:
The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Regional Mission Council, Cayman Ministers Association and Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.


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