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Second chance for deserving Caymanians

From The Cayman Islands Deputy Governor’s Office

·        Civil Service to provide a fresh start for five deserving Caymanians

·        Second Chances Pilot Programme launches this month to provide employment for rehabilitated persons with a prior conviction.

·        With guidelines in place to support the programme’s success, the aim is to provide fulltime employment opportunities for Caymanians who are able and willing to make a contribution to our society following rehabilitation.

The Portfolio of the Civil Service is putting in place a new programme that aims to assist Caymanians with a prior conviction to reintegrate into the workforce and contribute to society.

            With Cabinet approving the Second Chances pilot programme, the Portfolio (PoCS) is gearing up to assist with the reintegration of eligible candidates.

            “It is important to cut repeat offending by encouraging the rehabilitation of offenders and supporting them into employment on their release from prison,” Premier, Hon. Alden McLaughlin commented.

“Government wants to help eligible Caymanians who have served their time with a   second chance to enter mainstream employment and to make a positive contribution to the Cayman Islands community,” the Premier added.

            The pilot programme contributes toward achieving two broad strategic policy outcomes: “Achieving full employment – jobs for all Caymanians” as well as “Reducing crime and the fear of crime”, by offering meaningful employment.

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson welcomed the programme by saying “As one of the largest employers, the civil service is committed to playing its part alongside the private sector in offering Caymanians a second chance.  We hope this programme will help those who have rehabilitated put their skills to good use and enable successful reintegration into society. ”

“To maximise the potential for candidates to succeed, the programme will offer meaningful, structured work, and an environment conducive to the candidates continued rehabilitation and reintegration as positively contributing members of society.”

Outlining how the programme will work, PoCS Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon said the Portfolio will use the funding received through 31 December 2019 to assist five Caymanians who have served out their sentence to obtain employment within the civil service.

The NWDA is conducting the screening process for eligible candidates who are registered with them to seek employment.

The Portfolio has identified requirements for ideal candidates to be included in the 2019 cohort. They should be persons:

  • Who have demonstrated efforts towards their own rehabilitation by actively engaging in rehabilitation programmes and making productive use of their time while incarcerated;
  • Who are able to provide character references from persons within the rehabilitation programmes or persons they have worked with in the community who can attest to their reliability and work ethic;
  • Who are identified as being at low-risk of re-offending; and
  • Who have skillsets that align with the workforce needs of the civil service, with the goal of allowing them to demonstrate those abilities and eventually lead to long-term employment prospects within either government or the private sector.

Eligible persons should register with NWDA (or WORC) to be considered for employment opportunities through the Second Chances programme.


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