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SASEP Christmas Concert

DSC_0113webOn Monday, the students in the Savannah After School Enrichment Programme (SASEP) presented their Christmas Concert. Whenever young children are involved, you know that you are going to be entertained not just by the performance but also by the children themselves. They laugh, they giggle, they bump into each other, face the wrong way, forget their lines, but still put on a great show.

We were entertained with poems, songs, dancing and playing of musical instruments. The children ranged in age from 4 years to about 9 years. From the little drummer boys and girls to the young bongo player, a recorder performance, a solo on the violin and the joyful singing, everyone gave their best.

The children were very proud when the audience applauded and cheered for them. This season is such a wonderful time for children. Refreshments were served after the concert.

This Sunday, 21 December, the Youth Christmas Programme will be held at Savannah United Church during the normal worship service starting at 10:00am. All are invited to attend.


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