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Robots and drones will work together to deliver all our goods

By Kerry Davis From engadget

Delivery trucks with robots onboard might be only five to ten years away.

The infrastructure to support traditional deliveries has been strained ever since the growth in online orders. What’s more, the projected growth will exceed anything UPS, FedEx and the like can currently support. Because of that, companies like Amazon have been working on both an air-drop solution using drones to autonomously drop packages at customers doors, while others have been working on delivery robots. That’s why some believe autonomous UAVs and robots might work together on the delivery trucks of the future.

I talked to two people who care quite a lot about what this all means from the Engadget stage at CES2017: Paul Dragos, a flight trainer for FAA certification at UXV University and Henry Harris-Burland, the marketing head of Starship Technologies, a company that makes a delivery bot.

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