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Robberies, stabbings, shootings over the weekend

With my headline it could be New York or Chicago. Sadly, it was here in the beautiful Cayman Islands. Fortunately, no lives were lost but they could have been. They were all terrifying events for the hapless victims. Congratulations to the police for quickly finding and arresting a suspect to the stabbing. The victim was stabbed several times to the neck and body. Thankfully none of his injuries is life threatening. I wonder what state he is mentally, though?

The details leading up to the shooting in West Bay, at the time of writing are sketchy, but if you are at home and two masked men enter with a shotgun I would be terrified. That they shot him and hit only his left hip was, in the circumstances, lucky.

The third incident involved a woman who was returning home and an armed man pistol-whipped her several times before grabbing her handbag that contained only her personal items. This particular scumbag is an example of the criminals in our society here today. They are cowardly vermin who prey on the weaker sex to terrorise and hurt them because they get ‘a kick’ at seeing them suffer. It gives these low lives a feeling of power.

The final one concerned two masked thieves with handguns who stole jewelry from a man in broad daylight. Thankfully, at that incident no shots were fired and there was no pistol-whipping.

It has been a very depressing weekend and we cannot keep laying the blame at our politicians, our police, the media, the churches, the schools, social services, etc. The blame starts at home. It therefore starts with us and I implore once again – it must finish with us. If you have any information on these hoodlums you MUST come forward. The situation can get worse and will get worse. It is difficult to hide a gun. If you are a parent and you see your son (or daughter) with one you must turn him/her in. If you find a hood or mask belonging to them call the police. You must do it. It is difficult. It is instinctive to protect your children. You will be protecting them more by informing on them than saying nothing. If you are friends with these people – turn them in. They are not worth your friendship.

Next weekend could be much worse.



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