October 30, 2020

Rina is now a tropical depression


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As of this afternoon (28) Tropical Depression  Rina has been ripped apart by strong upper-level southerly winds. The low level center expected to drift slowly southwards along the Yucatan coast. Long range radar out of Key West shows that moisture streaming to the northeast from Rina is bringing rain to the Southwest coast of Florida. Rainfall amounts of 1 Р3 inches are likely over the Florida Keys and South Florida through Sunday due to moisture from Rina. Wind shear should be able to destroy the circulation of Rina by Saturday (27).

Our immediate weather here is being caused by a broad region of low pressure in the Western Caribbean that is currently (28) between Jamaica and Honduras. It is drifting slowly northwest at less than 5 mph. Heavy thunderstorm activity is disorganised and relatively modest, and the National Hurricane Centre is still giving the low only a 10% chance of developing into a tropical depression by Sunday. Heavy rains from the disturbance will affect us here, Honduras and Nicaragua from today through Sunday. None of the reliable computer models are showing development of a new tropical depression in the Atlantic over the next seven days, though we will continue to see disturbed weather over the Western Caribbean that could generate something.

Once again make sure your umbrella is handy. You are going to need it over this weekend.

For the full weather discussion go to Crown Weather Services at www.crownweather.com and to the National Hurricane Center at www.nhc.noaa.gov. We wish to thank Crown Weather for the permission to use their graphics and information. Please support them. Also look for the local advisories from the C.I. Government at www.weather.gov.ky.





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