July 11, 2020

Representatives of Caribbean cinema foster exchange in the region


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Written by PL From Cuba SI

A meeting with representatives of the cinema from some 20 Caribbean countries began today here seeking to promote the work and goals of the Caribbean Traveling Film Screening (CTFS).

According to organizers, the meeting also seeks to contextualize the work of the different coordination groups in an attempt to screen movies from those countries.

President of CTFS Rigoberto Lopez told the news agency that the meeting is significant for its contribution to the promotion of regional cinema.

Lopez said that the festival is essentially against hegemony, as the mainstream cinema in the region is made by big producers and leaves valuable works off the market, hence the Caribbean audience should be encouraged by breaking down the language barriers.

In the meeting, which concludes tomorrow, representatives from 25 countries will also discuss the screening of movies in member countries, while presenting a funding request addressed to the and the Association of .

For more on this story go to; http://www.cubasi.com/culture/item/11727-representatives-of-caribbean-cinema-foster-exchange-in-the-region

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