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Rep. Norman to Newsmax: ‘Quit’ Not in Haley’s Vocabulary

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By Sandy Fitzgerald    |  From Newsmax Friday, 23 February 2024

Nikki Haley’s team “feels great” entering Saturday’s Republican presidential primary in her home state of South Carolina, and she will stick to her plan to remain in the race until at least the Super Tuesday elections on March 5, Rep. Ralph Norman, a surrogate for her campaign, said Friday.

“‘Quit’ is not in Nikki Haley’s vocabulary,” the South Carolina Republican said on Newsmax’s “American Agenda.” “She’s told us that all along [there are] two things that that candidates hit that make them get out of races. One is money. She’s got a record number of dollars coming into her coffers. Two is public support. I wish more people were with us behind the scenes to see her when she addresses the crowds that are growing in number, and this is early in the process.”

Haley, former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador, is significantly trailing former President Donald Trump in the polls, but Norman said that she’s been the underdog in every political race, so the polls aren’t scaring her. 

“Let’s see what the polls are after tomorrow and let’s see how she does here,” Norman said. “I think she’s going to do very well. The mainstream media and a lot of pundits are saying to get out, but that’s just not how she is. That’s not in her core values.”

Norman said he was encouraged to support Haley based on his experiences with her when both came into the South Carolina State House together.

“I saw her run for governor, not once but twice, and be successful and again, she beat the odds and beat the establishment that said she couldn’t do it,” said Norman. “I saw her at the United Nations. She is what this country needs now.

“She’s got the youth. … She’s putting America first. She could care less about the polls. She could care less about everybody asking about her political future. She’s in this thing for America, and that’s what drove me to her.”

Norman also said Haley is not taking Trump’s attacks on her personally.

“Politics is a blood sport,” Norman said. “Words matter. But this isn’t personal to her. America is what’s personal to her. Yes, we will unite. Yes, we will get behind this country. What’s the alternative? To go on the same path that we’ve been on the last 3.5 years under Joe Biden is not an option.”

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