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Reflectionz’ celebrates Neville Hines

2015-08-27-nk-karib-vibrationz-cl02_zBy Nelson King From Caribbean Life

As Karib Vibrationz Mas sways on Eastern Parkway on Labor Day, gyrating masqueraders will also be reflecting on the work of veteran mas producer Neville Hines.

“ ‘Reflectionz of Neville Hines’ bring back some of the great work Neville has done over the years he’s making mas,” co-band leader Nicole Williams told Caribbean Life.

She said “Reflectionz” comprises four sections, with at least 60 masqueraders.

Williams said masqueraders from “every country,” will “play a good mas and have fun,” disclosing that it will be the first year in which KaribVibrationz Mas will be “going on the road” — that is, Eastern Parkway.

She added the band, produced by her Grenadian-born husband Everol, is working feverishly to complete the “beautiful costumes” on time for Labor Day, stating that members are “all helping.”

Everol Williams, who was raised in Trinidad and Tobago, has been producing mas for over 30 years and has been participating in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade for 10 years, Mrs. Williams said. VybezUpRadioHD, Teamgogettas, and Ram Horn Soundz are among DJs who will spin soca music for masqueraders, she said.

2015-08-27-nk-karib-vibrationz-cl01_z“We just want everyone to come out and have a great time with KaribVibrationz Mas,” Mrs. Williams said.

KaribVibrationz Mas, at 381 E. 52 St., between Church and Snyder Avenues in Brooklyn. Everol Williams can be reached at (202) 470–8601 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Nelson A. King Denise Collins portrays “Reflection of Fire.”
Nelson A. King Amanda Alleyne portrays “Reflection of Water.”

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