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RCIPS Works with HMP Northward and the DPSC to Tackle Drug Smuggling at the Prison


RCIPS has been working closely with the Director of HMP Northward, Daniel Greaves, and partners at the Department of Public Safety and Communications (DPSC) in an effort to reduce the incidents of contraband smuggling into the Prison.

Utilising the capabilities of the National CCTV Program managed by the DPSC, the security personnel at HMP Northward successfully identified and halted the smuggling of multiple contraband packages into the facility. These illicit activities were carried out by individuals during the period from December 18 to December 26, 2023.

Three persons have been arrested by the RCIPS for the offence of Smuggling, over the festive period. A further two persons have been formerly charged for smuggling offenses that occurred previously, and the RCIPS are conducting investigations into other incidents of smuggling.

Director Greaves wishes to warn the public that the offence of smuggling contraband into the Prison is a very serious offence, which is covered by Section 43B of the Prison Act 2021 Revision. This section states that “any Person who brings, throws or in any manner introduces or conveys into any prison, an article or thing, unless authorized to do so by the director, commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $15,000 and to imprisonment not exceeding three years, or to both such fine and imprisonment”.  Director Greaves has further emphasized that that if persons attempt to smuggle contraband into the prison they will be caught and prosecuted.

Director of DPSC, Sean Vasquez, remarked, “The DPSC remains in close collaboration with Director Greaves and his team, ensuring ongoing support for timely interventions. We are committed to fostering deterrence effects through continuous monitoring and technological interventions, maintaining a strong partnership between the two agencies.”


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