July 29, 2021

RCIPS Uses Tasers

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Taser 1The week of Monday, 4 February, GIS Spotlight gets you again behind a Taser, looks once more at gender stereotyping, and youth and tourism.

Police agencies everywhere grapple with the need to use the right tools to fight crime effectively without endangering people’s lives and our local police service is no different. Join us to see RCIPS officers practise using the Taser gun, the newest weapon in their arsenal.

Discover how this weapon can deter even armed persons, by shooting a jolt of current. Go behind the scenes with us to see how it works and learn about its usefulness in temporarily immobilising a person who is being confronted by the Police.

Next, we follow a new campaign to tackle stereotyping based on gender that aims to sensitise people about equality. Learn about the gender gaps that continue despite the right to freedom from discrimination that we all now enjoy. Hear what steps are underway to use census data to reduce the gender gap.

For our last stop, we revisit a tourism competition for youth that is held annually to test the knowledge of some bright teens, and improve awareness about tourism. Join us to see what distinguishes this initiative from other competitions.

Produced by GIS Marketing and Communications, GIS Spotlight showcases government services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you. The weekly programme airs Mondays on CIGTV on Cable Channel 20 after 7 pm; and on Cayman27 at 8 pm on Mondays, and 6 pm on Saturdays.

All stories seen in the week’s GIS Spotlight can also be found on the GIS Marketing and Communications website: www.gis.ky.

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Photo captions: Photos by GIS

Tasers are the newest weapons that the RCIPS employs in its fight against crime.

Tasers are an effective weapon in the fight against crime.


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