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Raise the Crown

DSC_0353rescropadjIf you were not at Savannah United Church on Palm Sunday, you missed a wonderful presentation by the Sanctuary Choir, the Young Voices in Praise, the Male Voices, the Youth Chorale, the Youth Band, the Narrators, and the drama cast.

The church was filled to capacity with some having to stand and others unfortunately not able to get in.

A celebration of both the sacrifice and sovereignty of Jesus Christ, “Raise the Crown” invited us to relive the events of Holy Week through poignant narrations and signature Easter songs from Deborah Craig-Claar and David T. Clydesdale.

With the aid of drama, this presentation offered worshippers another chance to admire the glory of Christ, to admit that our sins took Him to the cross and to acclaim His Deity through His glorious resurrection.

Special congratulations are due to Kimia Hemmings, The Young Voices in Praise Director, and to our Music Minister and Cantata Director, Noel Wallace.

Double click on each photo to enlarge.

The weeks of preparation and dedication were obvious to all who had the opportunity to see and hear the Cantata.

This Easter may each of us Crown Jesus the Lord of our lives.


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