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From Basil Springer

Dr. Basil Springer

“Tax the outputs not the inputs.” – Dr. Basil Springer, Change-Engine Consultant | Director, Marketplace Excellence & Caribbean Media Exchange, Inc. 

“As we leave the COVID-19 era in the dust, I am honored to lead our tourism industry into this new chapter and to continue prioritizing the tourism rebuilding process and encourage economic development.” – Marsha Henderson, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Urban Development, St. Kitts and Nevis

“As a people, as a country, as a destination, we’re moving on and we’re more about the future than we are about the past.” – Colin Piper, CEO, Discover Dominica Authority

“We are honored and excited that the Cayman Islands will host this crucial event (2023 FCCA PAMAC Conference) for our cruise executives and Platinum Members – and continue the destination’s efforts to build back their cruise tourism better.” – Michele Paige, CEO, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA)

“We want to assure visitors, who already planned travel to San Juan, that Puerto Rico is open and safe to travel to.” – Brad Dean, CEO, Discover Puerto Rico (Caribbean Journal Invest)

“Tourism is a global economic driver and by far the largest contributor to local economies in beneficial and sustainable ways. Sandals Resorts International is committed to every aspect of championing all things local in the Caribbean – from supporting our farmers and fishermen to fostering the world’s best hospitality talent.” – Adam Stewart, Executive Chairman, Sandals Resorts International

“Leadership does not mean taking control. It means modeling humility, empathy, a spirit of collaboration, and moral courage.” – Rev. A.R. Bernard, Senior Pastor, Christian Cultural Center

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