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Christopher Saunders, Deputy Premier, Cayman Islands
Credit: Cayman Islands Government

“We are excited and re-energized in terms of working very closely to see exactly what we (Cayman Islands and Jamaica) can do and how we can build mutual interest together.” – Christopher Saunders, Deputy Premier, Minister for Finance and Economic Development, and Minister for Border Control and Labor (Jamaica Information Service)

“Mrs. (Joy) Jibrilu will be the first woman and Bahamian to head the (Nassau Paradise Island) Promotion Board and she has my full support as the government and private sector work together to ensure The Bahamas remains the number one destination in the Caribbean.” – Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, Prime Minister, The Bahamas 

“The future of the marine industry looks bright for the Virgin Islands. The purchase of IGY [Island Global Yachting] by [MarineMax, Inc.] opens up a host of new business opportunities for our yachting industry.” – Albert Bryan Jr., Governor, United States Virgin Islands

“The unique blend of African, Spanish and Taino heritage with a modern day American influence is one (of many) reason(s) why Puerto Rico is such an extraordinary place to live, work and visit.” – Brad Dean, CEO, Discover Puerto Rico

“My parents said to me when I was 20, not yet married and away from home, what we expect of you is that you do your best.” – Dr. Basil Springer, Change-Engine Consultant and Director, Marketplace Excellence

“Be encouraged, brothers and sisters. As you overcome one challenge at a time, let your light shine, and always remember that ‘our steps are ordered’”. – Bevan Springer, President & CEO, Marketplace Excellence

“Opposition is fiercest when you’re closest to breakthrough.” – Bishop Dale C. Bronner, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral 

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