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Quality education for the future of islands & the Island Innovation Academic Council 

Next week, the world will observe the International Day of Education (24/01) and the World Environmental Education Day (26/01). These observances are opportunities to highlight the importance of continuing the development of forward-looking, innovative and highly performing education systems on islands worldwide.

For organizations like the Edge Foundation, shining a spotlight on the education practices of global islands has been a feature at the Virtual Island Summit for three years running. Innovation on islands is often discussed from the perspective of energy and governance, but as the VIS2022 session highlighted, islands are also leading educational hubs opening pathways to improve schooling at a global scale. During last year’s session, expert speakers delved into the effects of the pandemic on island schools, restructuring curriculums, improving understanding of child poverty in remote areas, and how to build on current education measures to meet more ambitious learning goals.

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The University of Guam

Island Innovation is proud to announce the launch of our latest venture: The Academic Council. The program is designed to facilitate connections and collaboration between island communities and academia, encouraging the sharing of academic research with diverse island stakeholders. 

The benefits of joining the Academic Council include: the opportunity to disseminate articles that have been published in journals to a wider audience, thus making them more accessible both in terms of format and content, participating in activities to facilitate the engagement and collaboration of multiple stakeholders, such as researchers, NGOs, and policymakers, and so much more! Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of our Founding Members!

For more information, contact our Community Manager and Academic Council Liaison, Stacey Alvarez de la Campa: [email protected] ­

This week’s highlights

Silicon Zanzibar: an island’s bid to diversify its economy
An ambitious public­–private initiative in Zanzibar is trying to convince tech companies and workers to relocate to the semi-autonomous archipelago off the coast of mainland Tanzania. Silicon Zanzibar, an initiative led by the Zanzibar Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, alongside tech companies and local developer CPS, will offer incentives under Zanzibar’s existing free economic zone programme.
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IRIS Call for Proposals 2022-2023
The first funding cycle of IRIS, formally announced at COP27, aims to equip relevant government agencies in SIDS with needed technical support and knowledge products related to infrastructure resilience.  Funded activities will enhance informed decision-making, locally relevant technical knowledge and fit-for-purpose processes and tools for resilient infrastructure in SIDS.
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Other island stories

↪ French Polynesia: Selling the seas 

↪ St. Lucia project among ten UN flagship initiatives recognized for restoring the natural world 

↪ Protecting Maori culture 

↪ Island conservation should focus on land-sea links for most impact, paper says

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