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Prynt Pocket review: You want this for Valentine’s Day — seriously


What better way to bring your memories to life than with a physical photo that has a movie on it!

Prynt Pocket
iMore photography editor Cella Lao Rousseau called the Prynt iPhone case “Harry Potter photography magic IRL,” and she wasn’t exaggerating. Imagine a photo printer that shoots out a physical photo, but when you hold your iPhone over it, it actually shows a movie. Cool, right?

The company behind the Prynt case for iPhone has made a universal version, called Prynt Pocket, that also doesn’t require you to use it as a case. Less bulk, more options. Perfect!

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Wait, what? Harry Potter photography?
Prynt Pocket
The Prynt Pocket is a lot like the Prynt case – You attach your iPhone and select a photo to print using the free companion app. It also uses the same augmented reality technology to take a quick video clip of whatever you just took a picture of, which is linked to the physical photo.

After the photo is printed, you can scan it using the companion app to see the video clip. It’s like the moving portraits in Harry Potter!

What is this Prynt Pocket all about?
Prynt Pocket
It’s a photo printer for your iPhone. It’s pocket-sized (well, not skinny jeans pocket-sized… It’s small, though). It’s adjustable, so any iPhone with a Lightning port works with it.

You connect your iPhone to the Prynt Pocket, open the companion Prynt app, select a picture (or take a photo from within the app), edit it if you’d like, and hit Print.

Prynt Pocket uses Zink paper, which is made up of dye crystals embedded into the polymer coated paper. It uses heat activation to print out a your picture onto a 2×3 piece of sticker paper (stickers!).

So, how does this work?
Prynt Pocket
With the Prynt companion app, you can either take a direct photo from within the app or select a photo from your iPhone’s photo gallery.

If you choose to take a picture right from the camera feature in the Prynt app, it’ll take the picture similar to the way Live Photos work (only not quite as smoothly and behind-the-scenes).

If you choose to use a picture that’s already in your iPhone’s Photo Library, you can still add some video magic in the form of Stories. After you’ve selected a picture, tap Stories. Then tap Add a new Story and select a video. Videos will automatically be cropped to fit the picture.

Connect your iPhone to the Prynt Pocket and tap the Print button. It’ll shoot out the photo you took, which looks like any old 2×3 photo at first glance.

Tap the Scan tab in the Prynt app and hold the viewfinder up to the photo. Tap the screen and you’ll see a looped GIF style clip of the photo you took. It’s like magic!

How is it different than the Prynt case?
Prynt Pocket
Basically, the only difference is that Prynt Pocket wasn’t designed as a case. It’s shaped a little different, so you really can’t just carry it around on the back of your iPhone. Other than that, it’s the same. You can use the same Zink sticker printer paper and the same companion app.

Speaking of Zink sticker paper, Prynt has updated their app to support Zink’s mini printer paper. On the same 2×3-inch sheet, you can print out four different pictures using the Zink Mini Sticker Paper. They’re even cuter and still use the augmented reality that lets you add video clips to your pics.

How’s the print quality?
Prynt Pocket
It’s pretty good. Not professional film development good, but having lots of fun good. Colors are never quite a vibrant as they are on your iPhone and just a little on the blurry side (it’s like they’ve been sitting in the sun and have gotten washed out a little).

You shouldn’t be expecting professional film developement with Prynt Pocket, though. The point is to create something fun that is long-lasting and disposable at the same time. The pictures are only three inches – minis are only 1.5-inches each. Just be happy with the magic.

Why do I want this?
Prynt Pocket
Picture this: You’ve been with your sweetheart for a few years. You’ve been on a lot of trips together, taken a lot of selfies. With Prynt Pocket, you can print those picture out and include actual video from those moments you shared together. You can make a photo collage and share your memories with your significant other.

If you’re about to take a trip together, take pictures through the Prynt app and save everything as a draft.

Don’t have a sweetheart? The story might change a little, but the end result is still the same. Take pics with friends, family, pets. Print your pics and watch the mini movies attached to them to remind you of the exact moment the shot was taken.

OK, I’m in with Harry Potter. How do I get one?
The Prynt Pocket is available from the Prynt website for $149.99. You can also grab a pack or two of Prynt sticker paper for about $10 for 20 sheets (up to $30 for 60 sheets).

If you’re a prolific photographer, you should think about subscribing to Prynt’s two-month unlimited paper subscription. For $35, you can get as much Zink sticker paper as you need within a two-month time frame (the app keeps track of how many pictures you’ve printed and allows you to request more once you’re down to only 10 prints left).

If you’re buying Prynt Pocket as a Valentine’s Day (or any other day) gift, might I recommend adding the Frame Accessory Pack for $5 or Leather Photo Carrying Case keychain for $20. Both are perfect add-ons to an already amazing gift.

Seriously. This is an amazing gift.

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