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Protests continue on Christian school’s decision

NwJDLCwxVizcypi-556x313-noPadProtests continue on the Cayman Prep School’s Decision not to renew teacher’s contract since she became pregnant and is not married

The following is an online petition by Aysha Jackson that has over 200 signatures protesting at the failure by the Board of Directors of Cayman Prep and High School

Online Petition Petitioning The Board of Directors, Cayman Prep & High School to keep Miss Bryony Platt at Cayman Prep and renew her contract .

No reason has been given for the decision although it would appear her contract wasn’t renewed because she got pregnant out of wedlock.

The Cayman Prep statement on the matter typically failed to address the problem with gobbledygook – “The board remains committed to providing a supportive educational environment which values a unified culture where everyone is treated with respect, fairness and dignity.”

So I would hope but it does not address why did you not renew the teacher’s contract?

What unchristian message is being sent to children of one-parent families at your school?

prep-school-1Presumably one parent families are not welcome at any of the United Churches on Cayman?

Hopefully the Christian message of love and forgiveness will make you pray harder and come to a Christian solution acceptable to all. God is love.

Petition by Aysha Jackson George Town, Cayman Islands

We the undersigned are parents of children at Cayman Prep whose lives have been enriched by Miss Bryony Platt.

Miss Bryony is a wonderful experienced teacher who has proven many times over that she is an asset to the school and also an inspiration to all our children. Her ability, enthusiasm and dedication to Cayman Prep School over the years is a wonderful reflection on why we are supporting her.

We therefore ask the Board of Directors to reconsider their decision and to renew Miss Bryony’s contract for the 2014/2015 school year.


The Board of Directors, Cayman Prep & High School

Keep Miss Bryony at Cayman Prep and renew her contract


[Your name]



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We bring our children up to judge other people by how they treat others and whether they set a good example through hard work and good judgment. Bryony’s personal life is her business, and I would discourage anyone (especially my children) from prejudging her qualities as a role model on the basis of her married status. Good teachers are hard to find. Please don’t prejudice the children’s education by taking a moral stance on this subject.

Sarah Priaulx SAVANNAH ESTATES, CAYMAN ISLANDS 3 days ago   Liked 6

It undermines the values the school is trying to instill in our children. We should all love and support one another but not if they are pregnant and unmarried? What kind of message does that send to children at the school who are from single parent families – that they or their parent are in some way less worthy in the eyes of God and the community and not entitled to equal treatment? Those days should be long gone. This is scandalous, but not because an unmarried teacher is pregnant.

Christina Kish GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS 3 days ago   Liked 4

Straight from my 6 year old’s lips: “Miss Bryony is really a great teacher and I would be so sad if she was not a teacher at Cayman Prep. I think that Miss Bryony is going to be an amazing mummy because there is so much she can teach her baby. Thank you, Miss Bryony, for being my teacher.”

Can the Board of Governors please give us one good reason why this teacher is not having her contract renewed…?

Dericka Ebanks WEST BAY, CAYMAN ISLANDS 3 days ago   Liked 4

Ms. Bryony has proven to be a caring and dedicated teacher. She has truly gone above and beyond in making my son and two nieces feel comfortable and an appreciated as members of the prep community. Especially my son who was extremely shy but with Ms Bryony’s tutelage he opened up and grew to love school. Also her hockey clubs have been a integral after school activity and would be sorely missed.

Also I must state that I was shocked that in this day in age we are still figuratively stoning unwed mothers. Instead we should support them as we support all other soon to be mothers.

David Collier GEORGE TOWN, CAYMAN ISLANDS 3 days ago   Liked 4

Miss Bryony taught my son in year 1 and she did an excellent job in working with him (and my wife and I) in addressing some of the issues he has had to struggle with developmentally. I fully endorse the words of others in support of her and respectfully ask that the Board re-consider its position.

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