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Programme for the Gangwon 2024 Opening Ceremony unveiled

International Olympic Committee

12 January 2024 – The line-up for the Opening Ceremony promises an array of K-pop stars and cultural performers from the host nation, setting the stage for an inspiring two weeks of elite-level sporting action in the Republic of Korea. The programme was unveiled by the Organising Committee for the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Gangwon 2024 and Opening Ceremony Director Yan Jung-ung.

Opening Ceremony concept

The Opening Ceremony of Gangwon 2024, set to take place simultaneously in the Gangneung Oval and PyeongChang Dome, will revolve around the theme of “The Universe”. The cosmos theme symbolises the infinite possibilities for youth, from the imaginative “ice planet” playground to the gravity-defying freedom of outer space.

The young people taking part in the ceremony will metaphorically “grow up” as they explore the shining stars and microcosm within themselves, guided by the slogan “Grow Together, Shine Forever”. The ceremony’s heroine, Wuri, will embark on a journey into the realm of the imagination, rediscovering her long-forgotten dream and creating her own universe.

K-pop at the heart of the celebration

A diverse line-up of artists, dancers and singers will celebrate Korean culture during the ceremony. The main stage at the Gangneung Oval will feature newly formed boy band LUN8 and girl band Triple S. Renowned Korean rappers and hip-hop award winners Ash Island and Changmo, traditional Korean band Lennalchi, and dance crew Ambiguous Dance Company, known for merging hip-hop and classical dance, will also take to the main stage.

Meanwhile, at the PyeongChang Dome, performances by Korean singer Taeyeon, Korean rappers Hwasa and BewhY, 1 Million Dance Studio, and Korean-based Filipino boy band Hori7on will captivate the audience.

Lighting up a new generation

The grand finale of the Opening Ceremony will be the traditional lighting of the Youth Olympic cauldron. Additionally, Gangwon 2024 will introduce a “digital cauldron” that will also be “lit” during the ceremony, outside the venue. Throughout the YOG, this large-scale representation of the Youth Olympic flame can be viewed at the Olympic Park in Gangneung, allowing visitors to take pictures and selfies.


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