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Preview of the 106th session of the International Labour Conference

5 June: Opening ceremony (11.00 a.m.)

The Conference will elect its President and Vice-presidents to be followed by the opening address of ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder. This year’s report of the head of the ILO: Work in a changing climate: the Green Initiative , provides a roadmap for a just transition to a green economy.

At 12.45, H.E. Tabaré Vázquez, President of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, is expected to address the Conference.

12 June: World Day Against Child Labour

The theme for this year is: In conflicts and disasters, protect children from child labour .

14 June: Launch of the WESO – Trends for Women 2017

A World of Work Summit on the theme Women in the world of work will be held on 15 June in the morning in the Assembly Hall gathering high-level government, worker and employer panelists. More details will be communicated later.


Specific ILC committees will address the following issues:
Labour migration and the challenge of governance;
Fundamental principles and rights at work (as a follow up to the ILO’s Social Justice Declaration );
Occupational safety and health (OSH) based on a general survey concerning the promotional framework on OSH, construction, mines and agriculture;
Peace and stability through a possible revision of the Employment (Transition from War to Peace) Recommendation, 1944 (No. 71) . The revision reflects the growing international concern with the importance of employment and decent work in fragile and crisis-affected countries;
The Conference Committee on the Application of Standards will review the respect for international labour standards around the globe;
The Conference will also have to decide on the abrogation of six ILO Conventions.
The different committees will report back to the plenary session of the Conference once they have completed their work.

Details on the ILO Conference programme are available at (please note that the programme is regularly being updated).

The following hashtags will be used during the conference:

English: #ILC2017
French: #CITravail
Spanish: #CITrabajo

Daily “ILO Live: Ask the experts” sessions on Facebook – also accessible on – will take place from the Salle des Pas Perdus at the Palais des Nations. They will provide an opportunity for internet users from all over the world to ask their questions to guests.


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