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Press Statement from the Governor

Governor Duncan Taylor

The Governor has welcomed the latest report from the Auditor General on Government Procurement.  It provides additional details which reinforce the need, highlighted in the Auditor General’s earlier report on procurement issued in July, to tighten up our procedures for the management of Government Procurement.  But he has expressed concern at remarks attributed to the Honourable Premier attacking the Auditor General and his staff following its release.

“It is perfectly legitimate for the Premier to respond robustly to any points made in reports issued by the Auditor General; and I would always defend his right to do so.  But, in my view, it is unacceptable to respond by making personal attacks on the Auditor General and his staff.  I do not think it is helpful to accuse the Auditor General of bias, of “seeking out banner headlines”, of being used “as a hit man”, or to accuse his staff of being “spiteful” or of “indulging in bureaucratic harassment”.   These are very serious accusations to make:  I have seen no evidence to justify them.  I believe that the Auditor General and his staff have acted in a responsible, objective and professional manner, as I would expect of all Civil Servants.”

“I have spoken with the Honourable Premier and made my concerns known to him.  I have urged him to show restraint.  I hope that we can rather focus, together, on how to respond to the Auditor General’s recommendations.  The Auditor General’s reports have highlighted an urgent need to tighten up Government Procurement practices.  It is one of my main priorities over the coming months to ensure that all of us in Government work together to achieve this”.

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