October 30, 2020

UPDATE: Power outages reported in George Town


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CUC customers in parts of Central as well as Dorcey Drive, Bobby Thompson Way, Hospital Road, South Church Street and Cricket Square were without power this morning for approximately 2 hours. The outage was recorded at 9: 17 am and power was restored to all customers at 11:11 am. 1,795 customers were affected.

This outage was the result of pole fire on North Sound Road. The fire was the result of accumulation of sea salt on the pole and subsequent rain fall.

CUC’s maintenance crews worked as quickly as possible to restore power to all customers in a safe manner. The pole is being replaced.

CUC sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused to customers affected by this outage.


Power outages in George Town have been reported to us by readers. The outages occurred around 9:30am and have been ongoing for over an hour.

Despite calling CUC we have been unable to determine the cause nor when the power will be back.

We understand an electrical pole caught fire.


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