July 24, 2021

Postal and mobile voting

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votePostThe Elections Office wishes to advise all electors who wish to apply to be treated as postal or mobile electors that applications can be submitted at this time for processing.

All students who have registered and will be overseas on Election Day, May 22nd, 2013 are urged to apply early in order to ensure that they are on the list for the first issue of postal ballots after Nomination Day.  Forms can be found on the Elections Office’s website www.electionsoffice.ky .  The appropriate form is Form B.  For those who may have travel plans already and will be off-island on Election Day should also take advantage of this option.

For those electors who are unable or likely to be unable to go in person to the polling station because they are likely to be in a hospital, rest home or other similar institution or because they are geriatrics at home the Elections Office urges them to apply early to be treated as mobile electors on the prescribed Form C.  The elderly and other physically challenged electors are particularly asked to take advantage of this opportunity.  Electors who will not be able to go in person to the polling station because of the general nature of their occupation, service or employment may apply to be treated as mobile voters.

The last date for applications to be received from electors seeking to vote by post or mobile polling will be 9th May, 2013.

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