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Police Investigate Financial Crime Offense Involving Local ATMs


Police are investigating an incident of theft and obtaining property by deception following a report on 16 April, 2024. It was reported that a local bank discovered that four of their Automated Teller Machines (ATM) were compromised in various locations in George Town. This appears to have resulted in account details being copied and used, with losses amounting to approximately $78,000 KYD. 

The loss is believed to be an accumulation from multiple accounts being compromised and subsequently accessed. The bank in question has identified all apparent victims and the accounts have been re-secured. The ATM’s have also been subjected to additional security measures.

As a result of the police investigation, two persons were arrested on 9 May in relation to these incidents: a 27-year-old-woman and a 32-year-old-man. Both are Chilean nationals who are visitors to the Cayman Islands and were apprehended at the Owen Roberts International Airport attempting the leave the Island.

The man has now been formally charged with one count of Theft and six counts of Money Laundering, while the woman has been charged with two counts of Money Laundering. Both remain in custody and are expected to appear in court today, 13 May.


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