January 18, 2021

Planting Seeds for Change

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Bloomberg Media

Though the climate crisis affects us all, its effects are unequally distributed. Are we really listening to those most affected?

We join creative climate change communicator and worm.art.ecology curator Angela Chan, whose work spans climate justice, decolonial studies and science fiction, and urban ecologist Brooke Singer alongside curator Lucia Pietroiusti and artists Olafur Eliasson and Marina Zurkow as they speculate on what the future could bring.

Can art help us understand that everything is connected?

Can we broaden our understanding of art to include community-driven innovation?

Can we use technology to deconstruct the hierarchies of power currently sustaining the uneven climate impact?

Can we amplify the voices of those most affected by the climate crisis – be that children, songbirds, or those living in the Global South?

In this episode, we ask how we can bring about a more environmentally just and balanced future through art, technology and intersectional thinking.

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