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Pirates Week Queens

contestant-profile-photos-miss-g-tFestival Queen 2016 – Friday 11th November

Contestant #1
Name: Mellisa Rankine
District Representing: George Town





Contestant #2
Name: Tamika Rankine
District Representing: East End




contestant-profile-photos-miss-w-bContestant #3
Name: Chante Smith – Johnson
District Representing: West Bay







Contestant #4contestant-profile-photo-miss-b-t
Name: Jada Ramoon
District Representing: Bodden Town

Friday, 11 November, Harbour Drive – 7:15pm

Every young lady dreams of being queen on a tropical island; which is why the Festival Queen contest is so very popular amongst Caymanians.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Miss Festival Queen is tailored to ladies 16 and older and is a unique way to showcase Caymanian culture through design.

This wholesome, family-friendly event is a competition between the district Heritage Committees. Each district elects a young lady as its representative and everyone works to together to design a costume.

miss-festival-queen-2016-wallpaperThis year’s Pirates Week Festival theme is “Age of Romance” and costumes will be judged on their design as it relates to that theme. Other areas of adjudication include authenticity, stage presentation, use of Caymanian products and design detail.

The winner will lead the annual day parade, showing off her district’s winning costume to a crowd of more than 12,000 people. All contestants will showcase their costumes at their individual Heritage Day events.


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