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Pirates Week District Day Competition results

images-2Every year during the Pirates Week Festival, the Districts strive to be the winner of the District Day Heritage competition.

They are judged on a range of activities: Culinary, Children’s Activities, Heritage/Craft, Public Facilities, Hospitality, Overall Management and Entertainment.

Prizes are given to the highest scorers in the Culinary section, Children’s Activities and Heritage/Crafts plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd places overall.

The judges this year were, Tony Powell, Dalkeith Bothwell, Jeffrey Rivers, Katie Blitzstein, Martin Wicks and Jennifer Martinez.    The tallying was carried out by representatives from PricewaterhouseCoopers

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1ST Place         Bodden Town/Savannah

2nd Place         East End

3rd Place         North Side

wb05Heritage/Craft  was won by Bodden Town/Savannah

Culinary was won by Bodden Town/Savannah

Children’s Activities was won jointly by East End and North Side




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