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Philippe being ripped apart and developing LP system over Cuba

Philippe as of Oct 6

Hurricane Philippe’s time is running out as it is being ripped apart by high wind shear of 40-50 knots. By the time you read this Philippe should be receiving his last rites without affecting any land areas.

As we reported yesterday (7) a large low pressure system with heavy rain is expected to develop over Cuba, South Florida, and the Bahamas on Saturday. The counter-clockwise flow around this low will bring strong winds and heavy rains to much of the Florida coast on Saturday, and these conditions will spread northwards to Georgia by Sunday and South Carolina by Monday.

The drought-stricken regions of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas should benefit from heavy rain from an expected low pressure system which should track across the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles over the weekend.

For the latest on Hurricane Philippe go to Crown Weather Services at and to the National Hurricane Center at We wish to thank Crown Weather for the permission to use their graphics and information. Please support them.



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