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Petrol vs. electric vehicles: The future of motoring

By Cayman Autos

We’re on the cusp of an electric revolution if politicians and buying figures are anything to go by. With society on a renewed, more urgent mission to save the planet, investment in cleaner vehicles has never been greater, but what does the dawn of electric motoring mean for drivers and what are the main differences between petrol and electric?

Petrol vs. electric

In the past, many motorists have written off electric and hybrid vehicles as boring. Yet they’re fast becoming the vehicle of choice for those who want to go green, save money, and reap the rewards of some of the finest design concepts out there.

Electric vehicles are quickly losing their ‘weird’ and ‘unsightly’ tags. More and more of us are willing to explore all the options on the table. In the UK alone, the number of plug-in vehicles is increasing by around 27% per year. With 60,000 vehicles registered in 2018. If you’re thinking about investing in an eco-friendly car, here are some of the most significant differences between petrol and electric.


The purchase price of an electric vehicle may be substantially higher than a petrol car, but running costs are considerably lower. After the initial layout, you can expect to start saving immediately. There are also buyer incentives and tax breaks available to encourage drivers to switch to cleaner vehicles.


This could well be your main concern if you’re used to whizzing around in an attractive cabriolet, and you’re not quite ready to give up those hazy summer days, cruising along sun-drenched lanes in a convertible.

Unfortunately, the range of electric vehicles is limited, but there is good news. There are some pretty incredible vehicles in the pipeline, as well as some eye-catching models ready and raring to give you that open-top driving experience if and when you decide to take the plunge.

Tesla is a name that comes to mind straight away when discussing electric cars, and its concept cabriolet is a show-stopper. The Tesla Roadster, the quickest car in the world, features a folding top glass roof, which tucks away into the boot. Another manufacturer making waves in the field of glamorous, super-charged electric cars is BMW. The BMW i range offers an ever-growing collection of speedy, stylish cars, including a beautiful convertible in the form of the i8 Roadster.

electric car

There may be a way to go until you have the selection of cabriolets available in the petrol category. Almost every manufacturer is now producing plug-in cars, and new models are appearing all the time.

Environmental impact

There seems to have been a shift in global attitudes towards the environment in recent years. Largely due to hard-hitting documentaries like Blue Planet. We are increasingly aware of the damage the planet is sustaining, and switching to electric cars is a move governments all over the world are trying to promote.


In the UK, diesel cars are being phased out. The hope is that more motorists will embrace electric and hybrid vehicles in years to come. One of the most significant differences between petrol and electric is emissions. Although modern cars produce much lower emissions than older models, electric vehicles lower the figure to zero. Electric cars effectively run on a loop. This means that all the electrics on-board are powered by the battery with no waste products.

Driving experience

For a long time, eco-friendly vehicles were criticised for taking the fun out of driving. If you’re a cabriolet enthusiast, there’s every chance that the thrill of hitting the tarmac with the roof down is something you won’t want to sacrifice.

Design concepts and performance-related technology have come a long way in a short space of time, and driving experience is no longer something that has to go out of the window when you decide to go green. Modern-day electric cars come in all shapes and sizes. They’re powerful and efficient, and some of them are guaranteed to provide all the thrills and spills you need.

Electric cars aren’t just for pootling around. There are some seriously impressive models available now. With leading manufacturers from Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes to Volkswagen, and of course, Tesla, offering up rivals to high-performance petrol cars.

Admittedly, the one thing you may have to give up is the deliciously satisfying noise of the engine firing up. Electric cars tend to be much quieter. The only way to judge this category is to see for yourself. For those that need further convincing, book a test drive or two and see how you feel behind the wheel.


Distance and duration

One of the major drawbacks of electric vehicles is having to charge your car on a frequent basis. In the case of electric vehicles, the distance you can cover is limited by battery life. If you’re a fan of a road trip with the roof down and the wind blowing in your hair, do you really want to have to change your plans to take routes that enable you to charge the car along the way?

The number of charging points is increasing all the time. However, at the moment, there’s no doubt that it’s much easier to pull into a petrol station. Flip the cap, and spend two minutes filling up the tank.

If you spend your days behind the wheel of a stylish, sleek cabriolet, the idea of switching to an electric car may not be hugely appealing. The reality is that the motoring world is heading in this direction. More and more drivers are opting to switch to electric and hybrid vehicles. There are pros of cons of both petrol and electric cars. If you’re concerned about aesthetics and the thrill of the drive, you don’t necessarily have to make sacrifices with electric.

With incredible new models appearing all the time and options like the Tesla Roadster. You can still enjoy life on the open road with the top down. If you are thinking about buying a new car, weigh up the options, compare models, and see how you feel when you’re actually behind the wheel.

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