October 21, 2020

Petition to stop Plasma Gasification waste to Energy Plant in Barabdos


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1395055211250Abandon the proposal to build a $700M Plasma Gasification Plant in Barbados.

From Heather Cole St. Augustine, FL

Having received no information from the Government of Barbados regarding its proposal to develop a Waste to Energy Facility at the Mangrove Pond Landfill in St. Thomas in the coming months, the people are taking a stand to inform the Government that they do not want the proposed $700M Plasma Gasification Plant on the island.

Our concerns are:

1. There been no public engagement on the matter as is usually done with town hall meetings for the public to obtain information and seek clarification.

2. To our knowledge no Environmental/Social Impact Assessments have been done for the proposed facility.

3. We are concerned about the state of Barbados’ air quality given the nitrogen dioxide, mercury, dioxin, particulate matter, and acidic gas which are by-products of Waste to Energy facilities and the impact which this facility would have on residents in particular those from the surrounding St. Thomas area, who currently carry the heaviest environmental burden in our society with the location of several waste facilities. If not properly ventilated, the buildup of carbon monoxide can poison workers within the plant.

4. We are aware of the health risks caused by the emissions. These harmful dioxins affect animals and people. They are transferred to the unborn, affecting their brains, immune systems, sexual and mental development and hormones.

5. We are not aware that the Government of Barbados has found a model of a Small Island Developing State which has successfully implemented a Waste to Energy facility without updating its existing pollution and solid waste management regulations and investing in the technology to respond to the associated risks.

6. The proposed astronomical cost of $700M will eventually end up costing taxpayers $4.8B. The cost of this plant will be a further tax burden to the people.

7. We are advocating a national recycling program as opposed to incineration. The recycling industry can create more jobs and multiple businesses opportunities which can lead Barbados to a clean, green and sustainable economy.

8. We are demanding that the Government of Barbados release of the PPP and Implementation Agreement that it signed with CAHILL.

For more on this story and to sign petition go to: https://www.change.org/p/the-government-of-barbados-abandon-the-proposal-to-build-a-700m-plasma-gasification-plant-in-barbados

Related story:

Cahill Energy commits to bringing high quality green jobs to the people of Barbados

ST. PETER PORT, GUERNSEY–(Marketwired – July 3, 2015) – Cahill Energy’s Barbados Waste-to-Energy project will bring new investment, jobs and leading environmental technology to the country. Over the past several days, there has been much discussion about our company and the project we represent. It is our commitment to ensure the people of Barbados understand what this project will mean for them and the future of this country.

“Our team of international experts will continue to provide the people of Barbados with accurate and straight-forward information about the importance of our project,” said Clare Cowan, Chief Executive Officer of Cahill Energy. “This project will contribute to a stronger, more prosperous and environmentally secure Barbados.”

Cahill Energy’s team includes leading international experts such as professional engineering firm Hatch Mott MacDonald, environmental scientists STANTEC and renewable energy finance experts Jacob Securities Inc. Together, our team will deliver a leading solution to transform environmentally-harmful waste into affordable, green energy.

The benefits of this project for Barbados are significant. Through the design, construction and operation of this waste-to-energy project, the people of Barbados have a chance to say:

Yes to getting Barbados back to work with hundreds of high quality, well-paying jobs.

Yes to hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the Barbados economy.

Yes to world-leading technology that meets or exceeds the safety requirements set by the World Health Organization, ensuring one of the lowest emission levels in the world.

Yes to energy security by providing well over a quarter of the island’s energy capacity with sustainable, green energy, reducing Barbados’ reliance on costly foreign fossil fuels.

Yes to a greener, more sustainable future by cutting carbon emissions and meeting the government’s target of 29 per cent renewable energy 10 years ahead of schedule.

Yes to helping establish Barbados as the leading Caribbean economy by attracting the new foreign direct investments Barbados needs to grow.

Yes to reducing the number of new landfills and the operating costs of existing landfills, saving the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year.

Yes to good news and turning the Barbadian economy around.

The technology being used in this waste-to-energy plant has been endorsed by many of the world’s leading business and engineering firms.

As we move forward, Cahill Energy will continue to welcome and participate in a respectful discussion about the future of Barbados’ energy needs.


IMAGE: www.waste-management-world.com

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