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Petition circulating to appoint Franz Manderson as Cayman Islands Governor

Appoint the Hon. Franz Manderson as Governor of the Cayman Islands

From Good Governance

The Rt. Hon Lord Ahmad,
The Minister of State
Foreign and Commonwealth and United Nations Office
London, U.K.

Your Honour,

WE, the People of the Cayman Islands, write to you express our desire for the appointment of The Honourable Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Cert Hons, JP, MBE to be appointed as Governor of the Cayman Islands, preferring this appointment over the return of the currently appointed Governor, His Excellency Anwar Choudhury as the time and opportunity has come to have a child of the soil as Governor of the Cayman Islands.

For forty-seven (47) years we have been governed by someone outside of our country. We agree that in the beginning years it was necessary to have outside governance, but we submit that it is no longer necessary, as Mr Manderson’s civil service career is only ten years less than the overall governance of the Cayman Islands.

We agree that Mr Choudhury had taken swift steps towards making changes in the Cayman Islands government services, however, they should not overshadow Mr Manderson’s ongoing efforts to groom and present a World-Class Civil Service –  a product that WE, the People of the Cayman Islands, are proud of globally.

We also put forward Mr Manderson’s exemplary career and outstanding service to the Cayman Islands. Thirty-seven (37) years ago Mr Manderson joined the Cayman Islands Civil Service as a teenager in 1981 and has worked his way up through the ranks from an hourly paid employee to the Deputy Governor diligently and his commitment to this country has been unwavering.

He has received (among other commendations) the Certificate and Badge of Honor, FACE, Person of the Year and in June 2018 he was awarded the Royal gong Member of the British Empire (MBE) for “his sterling services to the Cayman Islands”.  He has seen the appointment ten (10) out of thirteen (13) different Governors to the country throughout his tenure (not including the Acting Governor positions) and has assisted Governors in their transition and the undertaking of their duties here in the country.

Throughout decades of service, he has conducted himself with integrity and diligence and Mr Manderson, in the exercise of his functions as Acting Governor and as Deputy Governor, has promoted good governance and acted in the best interests of the Cayman Islands and in accordance with the mandates given by the UK – he is unquestionably qualified for the post of Governor of the Cayman Islands.

Section 29 of the Constitution Order requires that the Governor is appointed by the Queen, but it does not state that the Governor must be a foreigner to the country. We strongly feel that the time has come for the appointment of our first Caymanian Governor from within our own country.  We also make note that there are no barriers to the appointment of Mr Manderson as Governor of the Cayman Islands and confirm that we are confident he is the best option for our country at this time and to lead us into a strong, stable future.

We are also confident that in the true essence of democracy the will of the People of the Cayman Islands will be respected and honoured by Her Majesty the Queen of England.

God save our gracious, noble Queen and God bless the Cayman Islands.


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