August 1, 2021

Peter Binose: Second Sale of the Century in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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bargain-1By Peter Binose

The first was Canuan Island land at giveaway prices and the islanders were stuffed, public beaches stolen and rights of way blocked.

Sixty Eight Million US Dollars worth of Hotel Land sold for Seven Million EC Dollars in Saint Vincent.

What I find incredible is the price of the Mount Wynne/ Peters Hope land at EC$5.18 a square foot. Hotel land is worth about US$50 a square foot, yet this land was sold for EC$5.18cents a square foot. What is going on?

What is wrong with Vincentians at home and in the Diaspora that you cannot see the discrepancy? And remain quiet about that? Are you all stupid?

You cannot buy decent flat farmland today on Saint Vincent for EC$5. Building land with a view at Ratho Mill and Prospect is between EC$30 and EC$40 a square foot, a fire sale price is EC$25. In fact you could even sell land at EC$25 all day long from the back of Julian’s pickup truck. Seven Million East Caribbean Dollars is about Two Million Six Hundred Thousand US Dollars. This deal is the real price of just one acre of hotel development land and they get 31 acres for the price of one.

Remember this is on the beach property fronting a secluded calm water bay. The rest of the land is slightly sloping so as wherever you build there will be a spectacular view for everyone. A kind of paradisiacal amphitheatre effect. It is on a main road and is already planted with astonishing trees and shrubs. Some of the best diving on the island, under the rock walls many sea critters dwell. This is so different to Buccament which is built on flat [some swamp] land in a flood plain. The approach to Buccament is also blighted by being through the most disgustingly dirty village on the island with a host of derelict cars and machinery. Mount Wynne is the best piece of land on the island of Saint Vincent. Mains electricity and water already at the gate. Only a short distance from the new Argyle International Airport by email.

I am sorry to say that something is radically wrong with this deal even if it only means it has been undersold by people who do not know the value. But I don’t think so.

Sorry folks but it stinks and whilst many people are crying about it being sold to foreigners I do not care who it is sold to as long as it is sold at the right price, the beach remains free and open to all, and there is a guarantee of numbers for Vincentian employment. A tight agreement which places Vincentians first.

Besides that we need to know who the proposed buyers are so as I can carry out due diligence on them. I warned the comrade about Ames within a few months, I knew he was originally a gofer for Southend United Football Club in Essex. Later more than one of his companies went bankrupt. Now we do not want any of that happening again, so comrade and Pongo, who are the Canadians?

If it was happening in London I would call in the Fraud Squad, but that will not work in SVG because the government is both the fraud squad and the fraud perpetrator. Worse still the Director of Public Prosecutions is Judge, Jury and Executioner. We stand less chance of fairplay than we have of shagging Dick Whittingtons cat in the office of the Supervisor of Elections on the Sunday after the December 2015 elections.

Please Canadian authorities take a look your end and see what is going on.


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