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Peter Binose: One of their very special supporters is dying whilst they sit back and watch

Edgar-CruickshankRemember the driver of the car that mowed down and killed Edgar Cruikshank at an NDP rally at Clare Valley? The driver of that car [full name withheld for sake of living family] was charged with five road traffic offences, what happened from then on is rather hazey, but a man was left dead. The driver was a devoted ULP supporter and the boy friend or ex-boyfriend of the sister of a leading ULP member of the government hierarchy; he got off virtually scot free, a coincidence perhaps?

But now he is in Kingstown Hospital with renal failure. That for those who do not know renal failure is its kidney failure.

Remember Gonsalves said he would never allow any Vincentian to die because they could not afford the treatment

It is widely known that Mr Edgar Cruikshank was the PMs ex key supporter, but at the time of his death he was their greatest critic. He was mown down and killed by a vehicle at an NDP political rally at Clare Valley, Gonsalves was away visiting Cuba when he was informed of the death, Gonsalves almost immediately said it was an accident. He came to that opinion before there was any evidence of such? Many asked how he knew that, how he came to that conclusion?

The unelected some say unelectable cousin of PM Gonsalves, Senator Julian Francis said about the Clare Valley Killing. “The death of former Unity Labour Party (ULP) South Leeward councilor, Edgar Cruickshank at a New Democratic Party (NDP) political meeting in Clare Valley on Saturday was the result of a “freak” accident that had nothing to do with the ULP”.

He went on to further say:
“This party [the ULP] had absolutely nothing to do with it. Ralph Gonsalves or Julian Francis or anybody else in the leadership of the party; because the two names they are calling is Julian and Ralph”.

At the time I asked why Francis came forward and made such statements when no one had referred or them or accused or said that either Gonsalves or he Francis had anything to do with such a dastardly matter.

The reason I have raised this matter again is because the driver of the car is now in Kingstown Hospital dying and no one from the ULP is helping him. He has had no Dialysis treatment and none has apparently been offered to him. Dialysis artificially removes waste products and extra fluid from your blood when your kidneys can no longer do this. With Dialysis a person can go on living, without they must die. In hemodialysis, a machine filters waste and excess fluids from your blood. This man has been deserted to his own destiny and final life conclusion by those very people who he loved and worshipped. They are just letting him die without the appropriate dialysis treatment that he requires. That raises the question in my mind why? Is it because he has knowledge that will die with him? Is it hoped he will die and all the secrets with him?
So yesterday my brother was with some Cuban friends who told him a story that made my head spin when he repeated it to me. They spoke of Caster aceite de semilla de ricino hace. They also said that the man had been poisoned with ricin by a Cuban DI secret agent operating as a political officer from the Cuban embassy in SVG. So I looked up ricin on line and low and behold here is what I found “ricin-contaminated material causes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, internal bleeding, liver and [surprise! Surprise!] kidney failure”
The Directorate of Intelligence [Dirección de Inteligencia,orDI, also known as G-2 and, earlier, as the Dirección General de Inteligencia, or DGI] is Cuba’s most important intelligence agency. They are very active in all the ALBA countries of which SVG is one.
Last year I wrote the following article about assassination in SVG, unusually not a single ULP protector came forward and made any comment whatsoever on the online post, and it went viral.
Since then I have reconsidered Edwardo Lynch and also lawyer Nicolle Sylvester and believe they were both murdered by a foreign government. They were both thorns in the side of the ULP and someone from the party ordered them eradicated.
In 2014 I wrote about the Venezuela students being slaughtered on the streets of Caracas by Cuban Special Forces. Students who are demonstrating in the streets against the Maduro socialist [Marxist] government were being shot by Cuban snipers. There were up to 5,000 military members of the Cuban Special Forces in Venezuela, “Avispas Negras” — literally the “black wasps” — they arrived in plain clothes and based themselves in Caracas and other towns and cities undercover, using government buildings and rooftop sniper’s nests. They slaughtered and assaulted thousands of Venezuelan students.
It appears to me whichever way you turn there is always something that stinks. People say “but would anyone in the ULP be involved in such things”? My reply is, certainly they would, because any party or persons/s who would steal government building materials and use them to bribe the electorate, or commit fraud with the ballot papers are liable to do anything at all to stay in power. And we must not forget that the Cubans and Venezuelans would do anything for them to keep them in power and that includes eliminating a few nuisances if that is what it takes. There is absolutely nothing like Marxist solidarity.
Peter Binose, London
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