September 28, 2021

Peter Binose: Has your child’s future been stolen by the ULP?

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exam-pic-2By Peter Binose

Questions are being asked on the streets and in family gatherings about the Children’s CPEA Exam results.

It’s no wonder as far as I am concerned that people are saying their children’s exam results were stolen and given to undeserving children whose parents have close ULP connections and ties.

If that is true the so called education revolution is in fact an education revulsion. If it is true the revolutionary content is little more than a conspiracy to rob deserving school children because of their family’s political preference.

The question must be asked why were the electronically compounded results from Barbados delivered to the office of the Prime Minister and why they were then presented to Cabinet. According to my at the table informant it happened in that way to determine who the Cabinet would select as front winners and rearrange the list accordingly. If all that is true what is such procedure to do with the Prime Minister and Cabinet and why would they assume the right to rearrange the examination positions of children within those results. The Barbados papers clearly showed the winners but those results were supposedly, but yet unconfirmed, rearranged by the Cabinet.

Is it true that the results are based on political preference of the children’s parents, ULP top marks NDP placed into inferior categories despite being the actual winners according to the Barbados result papers.

When ULP people’s children are granted scholarships based on political finagling the results are that the recipient parents and their families vote for ULP. If it happened it’s yet another form of bribery of the electorate.

Why on earth do we have a Ministry of Education? Why is the Cabinet interfering in the normal operations and responsibilities’ of the Education Ministry? Why?

It’s certainly mine and perhaps many others belief that everything is based or connected to election bribery. Own the Jobs, Own the Building Materials, Own the Weekly Cash Handouts. Extending beyond that is the dynasty, who claim to Own the Regime, Own the ULP, Own The Election Process, Own the Judiciary, Own the Police Force, and perhaps now Own The School Exam Results, Own the People and Own the Island, little more than a layered and family stacked dictatorship that enslaves Vincentian people into chattel slaves who are paid tiny unlivable wages instead of food whilst the masters live high on the hog in sheer luxury.

What make me believe it may well be true is looking back at the teachers agreement when they were told it was the best teachers agreement ever. The when they tried to claim rights under the agreement were told they could not do so because it was unconstitutional. Gonsalves went on to say he knew when he signed it was unconstitutional. Then why trick the teachers by telling them it was the best agreement ever? Why?

Perhaps because we did not heed him when he told the nation that he tells lies sometimes. Because lies are not just spoken they can be written. Because of his own behavior and the lies he has told and the self admission by him being a liar, I ask the question if he should ever be trusted?

Now we have evidence regarding the December 9 2016 Elections of possible wrong doings by someone or some group. The ULP Government have fought tooth and nail to try and stop petitions being read in court which would admit evidence of possible wrong doing and fraud. Bringing in one of the Caribbean’s top lawyers who specialize in protecting socialist regimes, at a huge cost. If nothing wrong had been done during the election and prior to the next day’s recount, why not simply allow the petitions to proceed and the evidence to be judged on by the court, why? If only that route was taken it may have saved the citizens of SVG up to a million dollars in lawyers and court costs.

Always my mind goes back to Gonsalves telling us he is here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop. Maurice Bishop is now famous for instructing his central committee to keep two sets of government accounts to fool and commit fraud against the IMF and others. The Cubans and others even trained them in how to do that. It’s all a matter of public record so what I am stating here is provable fact.

Ralph Gonsalves in a meeting at the NIS conference room regarding the Argyle airport in the early days promised that every property owner at Argyle would be treated fairly and paid promptly, 9 years later 61 land owners are still waiting to be paid for their lands. People must be paid for property acquired by the government fairly and promptly according to the constitution.

The land taken for a huge and pretty silly roundabout at Green Hill Marriaqua the owners are crying for their money.

Some of the business owners in Kingstown are owed up to $60 million dollars for donkey years. The University of the Caribbean are owed millions in student fees and cannot get paid. Vinlec are owed millions for electricity and to stay buoyant they charge the consumers excess rates for electricity. Same with CWSA water and garbage collection.

We must also not forget that a fraud was committed against the government employees by gathering their NIS payments and not paying them over to the NIS, but using them to pay further wages and salaries. When found out they borrowed $16 million from the NIS and then gave it back to them for the payments owed on behalf of the employees. Smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, call it what you like. To me it stinks of the unfinished work of Maurice Bishop.

Back to the school children’s exam results, let’s see the results in raw form as transmitted from Barbados, show them to us, let’s decide for ourselves who are the real winners and losers.

One child’s family who I have interviewed told me their child according to a year long results process should have been number one but was replaced way down the score list by the Cabinet.

Maurice Bishop the Marxist who with the help of Cuba overthrew the elected government in Grenada is long dead. But we are fortunate or maybe unfortunate to have among us his direct assistant who helped him in 1979 but is now in SVG to finish the work of Bishop, Ralph Gonsalves.

So I am calling on Gonsalves to show us the Original CPEA score list from Barbados, if you cannot or will not do that comrade then we may well be correct to assume a crime against our children has taken place. If for legal reasons that cannot be done show it to the Catholic Bishop and we will I suppose except his word that everything is in order [or not], unfortunately comrade we cannot accept your word because you are a self confessed liar.

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