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Peter Binose: Due diligence in SVG and Argyle Airport

By Peter Binose

Due diligence is an investigation of a business or person prior to signing a contract, or a situation requiring a certain standard of care. To ascertain if the person is someone who has the funds and assets he claims. Also to ascertain the good standing of the person and to prove and determine the person is crime free.

Due diligence is time consuming, inconvenient, tedious, and sometimes expensive. It goes beyond the basic checks you would normally make. You should know just as much about the background of a person as you do about yourself.

Having explained that I will tell you about some of the criteria I use when I investigate people.

For my procedures for online investigation I feed in a number of simple words as questions along with the person’s name and location/s into the Google search engine.

Recently our PM Ralph Gonsalves found a new friend Cpt. Gerry Gouveia from Guyana who wants to bring an airline to Argyle for the February inauguration and then on a regular basis, from JFK via Argyle to Guyana. He calls the deal “a Valentines Gift for Ralph Gonsalves”

Remember I wrote a number of pieces about cocaine at Argyle.

So I put Ralph’s new friend into the Google search engine “Gerry Gouveia, Guyana, Cocaine”

Try it for yourselves.,+Guyana&

Here are some of the words I use to check out everyone who interests me. Put the person’s name and location then add one of the following subjects.
Phone sex
Sexual assault
money laundering

I listed cocaine first on the search list because that is what I am most interested in for something I am writing.

Of course if you are carrying out due diligence on a company, corporation or partnership you also need to ask another set of questions such as those that certify assets and financials as well as those asked above of the principal/s.

See these

So this week I decided to apply my simple formula to the following people. Take a look and get some surprises.

Gerry Gouveia
Ralph E Gonsalves
Joseph Romano
Peter Binose

I did this not because I suspect or accuse them of anything. I do this to everyone and build up a dossier on them.

Please try it for yourselves

Peter, blowing the bugle against crime and dirty politicians.

Nothing that I have written here is meant to express or imply any criminal act or wrong doing by anyone mentioned or not mentioned herein.

Please keep an open mind regarding what you read on the internet some may have good explanations for what they stand accused. Also some articles may simply be untrue with fictitious content.


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