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Peter Binose: Did Maduro fund the Spanish left wing via a Vincentian Bank?

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.10.16 PMAccording to the Venezuelan news ‘El Nacional News’ Maduro has been what I describe as money laundering through a Vincentian offshore bank the Euro Pacific Bank and secretly sending money to fund a left wing political party in Spain via that bank which is located in Kingstown Saint Vincent.
The questions need to be asked:
1/ Could that happen without the knowledge of the ULP government?
2/ Did the money that was deposited with the bank come from PetroCaribe?
3/ Did the bank report the transaction/s to our FIU?
4/ If the FIU were notified did they pass that information on to the Minister of Finance who is also our prime minister Ralph E Gonsalves?
5/ Has Maduro also funded the Unity Labour Party?
6/ Can we now have an audit of PetroCaribe SVG accounts?

The Spanish daily news paper ‘OK Diario’ say they have documents that prove that the Venezuelan president was compliant in ordering or depositing the amount deposited into the leader of Podemos account in Saint Vincent. They said that some of those involved with the payment is a relative of the wife of Maduro who is known to be involved in drug operations.

Podemos the political party was founded in March 2014. It is a left-wing Populist Party that claims it seeks to address the problems of inequality, unemployment and economic malaise that followed in the wake of the European debt crisis.

Podemos is currently the second largest political party in Spain by number of members after the People’s Party (PP); it became the third largest party within the first 20 days it allowed membership, with 100,000 signing up in that period,[ and its membership rapidly grew to more than 389,000.

According to El Diario Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, made a payment of $ 272,325 in 2014 to Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias.
The Spanish newspaper ‘OK Diario’ says that the account in the tax haven belongs to the leader of Podemos who indicated that the reason for the transaction was due to “advice for social development in Spain.”

” Rodolfo Clemente Marco Torres, Minister of Economy, Finance and Public Banking, ordered a transfer for a total of $ 272,325 to be paid to Pablo Iglesias Turrión. Responsible for executing the payment order was Erik Malpica Carlos Torres, National Treasurer. Clearly Pablo Iglesias payment was made to a bank account based in the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines says OK Diario.

The bank used to carry out this operation is the Euro Pacific Bank, based in Kingstown , capital of the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ok Journal insists that one of those involved in the transaction is a relative of the wife of Maduro involved in drug trafficking operations: Carlos Malpica Erick Flores. Specifically, the two nephews Nicolas Maduro and Cilia Flores who were arrested in the United States on charges of drug trafficking.

We in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines want to know what is going on are we helping Maduro to fund left wing political party’s not just in Spain but elsewhere. We really need help with this matter from the US. We need to know if our politicians are involved in funding left wing rebels and even terrorists.

I have always said we should never have joined ALBA and associated ourselves with that very dead scumbag Hugo Chavez and his appointed puppet Maduro.

Euro Pacific Bank Ltd. is the parent company of Euro Pacific Intl., Euro Pacific Advisors Ltd., Global Trading Ltd., and Euro Pacific Funds SCC Ltd. The companies were formed in order to provide international banking services and to serve Peter Schiff’s non United States investor base.

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