May 11, 2021

Peter Binose: Desmond & Judith Morgan Cyber Crime Bill

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6By Peter Binose
The Cyber Crime Bill, this article is the kind of thing they want to gag with this legislation
I wrote this because of the prompt by the PM when he said the Attorney General was a signatory on some Petro Caribe items.

For those of you who do not know who the Attorney General is its Mrs Judith Jones- Morgan.

Judith Jones Morgan is the wife of Desmond Morgan, so as you understand more the web of how all the parties are related here are the details on her husband.

Employment History:
Chairman and board member of the National Commercial Bank Ltd the national government owned bank of SVG.

Managing Director and Chairman of Directors of Blue Skye Communications Ltd. Which went broke owing the NCB bank millions.

Chairman of BRAGSA Ltd the SVG state-owned Roads, Buildings, and General Services Authority .

Chief Executive Officer Skye Technologies Inc

Vice President Association of Caribbean Exporters

Board Member of government owned National Properties Ltd

Other posts
Director – Desmond Morgan*: Chairman Telecom Council of Caribbean, Advisor to Prime Minster of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Past Vice President of the Association of Caribbean Exporters (ACE). Business consultant to CARICOM, the alliance of Commonwealth Countries in the Caribbean. Proprietor of Blue Skye Communication (SVG) Ltd. Prior to Blue Skye Desmond Morgan worked with ‘Oracle’ leading one of the early prototypes of the database product line and with ‘Anderson Consulting’ in the Mergers and Acquisition Division. Proprietor of Omega Development Limited.

The High Court, in May 2010, ordered Mr. Morgan, proprietor of Blue Skye Communication (SVG) Ltd., to pay the NCB EC$2.251 million as repayment for loans and interest accumulated.
According to the May 19, 2010 High Court writ, EC$2,001,143.09 is to be paid for the amount claimed, along with interest at 9 per cent on EC$1,530,551.29.

Desmond Morgan was still owing millions to the NCB Bank when it was sold because the government had compromised it by over borrowing from it and it was ordered sold by the CBC. From then on sight was lost to the public of Morgans debt to NCB, we were never told if it was ever repaid or not, or even if it got written off as part of the bank sale.

Desmond Morgan’s uncle is Ruben Morgan. Ruben Morgan was given a diplomatic passport in December 2001 following the successful election of the ULP and Ralph Gonsalves was made Prime Minister.

For 3 years Ruben Morgan travelled between Canada SVG and the UK on his diplomatic passport, until that came to a sudden end when he was caught carrying a kilo of cocaine.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004: LONDON, England News Report: London police have arrested a Canadian/ Vincentian for allegedly having one kilo of cocaine in his possession.

A source at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) High Commission in London, confirmed to Caribbean Net News that one Reuben Morgan, the holder of a SVG diplomatic passport was indeed held by British police for having the drug on his person, having arrived in London enroute from Canada to attend the funeral of a family member.

December 2004, London: Reuben Morgan, the holder of an SVG diplomatic passport was held by British police for having one kilo of the drug cocaine on his person, having arrived in London enroute from Canada to attend the funeral of a family member]
[Reuben Morgan is the uncle of SVG’s Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan’s husband Desmond Morgan, she was also attending the funeral]

Caribbean Net News revealed that Morgan had no official ties to the country’s Foreign Affairs Department or Diplomatic Missions Overseas and Morgan has never had any diplomatic standing. Reuben Morgan had no official ties to SVG’s Foreign Affairs Department or Diplomatic Missions Overseas and Morgan has never had any diplomatic standing.

So why did the Prime Ministers department issue him with a diplomatic passport? Was it issued on the instruction of Ralph E Gonsalves?

The SVG diplomatic passport which was issued to Morgan in November of 2001, following the victory of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ and the Unity Labour Party (ULP) at the polls.

Desmond Morgan is nephew of Reuben Morgan the cocaine smuggler. Desmond Morgan is the husband of Judith Jones-Morgan SVG’s Attorney General. During Desmond’s term as director of NCB bank he took a large loan from them to pay off a loan to another bank owed by his Blue Skye company but guaranteed by himself and his wife against their home. That loan was in arrears with NCB bank when the bank was sold.

So now we all know who Judith Jones-Morgan is along with her husband and his uncle, I do not think Ralph Gonsalves is blood or marriage related, but who knows in SVG, there can be more than one type of relationship binding people together.


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IMAGE: Attorney General Judith Jones Morgan and her husband Desmond Morgan (Photo: Lance Neverson)

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