November 26, 2020

Pedestrian struck by vehicle named and is recovering in Miami hospital

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imagesEven though we have not been informed by the RCIPS of the name of the pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle last Friday (9) see: according to a story appearing in Star Phoenix it is 66 year old man from Regina, Dan Marce.

The story also says Mr. Marce was air ambulanced to a hospital in Miami, Fl.

See story below:

Reginan critically injured in Cayman Islands collision

By Greg Harder, The Leader-Post

Family and friends are praying for the recovery of Dan Marce after he was critically injured in an auto-pedestrian accident while on vacation in the Cayman Islands on Friday (8) night.

According to various reports, the 66-year-old Reginan was struck by a white Toyota Cavalier while crossing a street after leaving a local restaurant/bar. Marce initially received medical care in the Caymans but was later transported via air ambulance to a Miami hospital, where he’s being treated for multiple injuries, including serious head trauma.

Longtime friend Tom Shepherd has been in touch with family members and friends who accompanied Marce and his wife Jan on vacation. Shepherd said “virtually everything” was broken in the accident, including arms, legs, ribs, jaw and skull. In addition, his chest was caved in, causing complications with his heart.

“He’s obviously in rough shape; eight doctors were working on him for a while,” said Shepherd, a former president of the Saskatchewan Roughriders who has known Marce for over 50 years.

Marce worked in marketing for the Roughriders in the 1980s and went on to become a member of the CFL team’s management committee (now known as the board of directors). He has also been heavily involved in the Plaza of Honor dinner for many years, at one time serving as chairman.

Marce, who has three sons, retired from PrintWest just over a year ago, but still does work with the company.

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Note: Latest (Feb 9) from Royal Cayman Island Police Service:

“In regards to the motor vehicular accident which occurred in the vicinity of the Lone Star Restaurant around 22:32 hrs Friday (9) night, the Police  can now confirm that that the driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI  and has been

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