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Pastor Dr. Dillon Burgin views Israel-Hamas War as ‘distraction, red herring’

By Nelson A. King From Caribbean Life

Pastor the Rev. Dr. Dillon Burgin. Photo courtesy Pastor the Rev. Dr. Dillon Burgin

As the conflict continues to unfold between Israel and Hamas as part of what is commonly referred to as “end-time prophecies”, Pastor the Rev. Dr. Dillon Burgin views the war more as “a distraction and a red herring” than prophetic.

“However, it is not as much a direct and major part of end-time prophecies as many Christian preachers have been vehemently proclaiming,” Dr. Burgin, the founding pastor of Harmony Tabernacle in Brooklyn, and founder and international president of Pastors Supporting Pastors Network (PSPN), told Caribbean Life on Monday.

“In this matter, some key questions must be asked,” added the Vincentian-born pastor, published author, playwright, actor, director, teacher and entrepreneur. “For example, what is going on behind the scenes in Jerusalem while mortars and rockets are flying between Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters? Does most of the world understand the importance of Israel locating a perfect red heifer? These questions are important in that they point to more sinister concerns than most people realize.”

Dr. Burgin, who is also the apostle for an independent ministry, said, a few months ago,  there was a video circulating on social media about a brilliant, young Rabbi in Israel, who was hailed by some Jews as the awaited Messiah.

“We have not heard a lot about that man recently – as if he is a best kept secret,” he said. “The connection between the glorious welcome of that Rabbi and the red heifer is this: The Jewish people are more excited and ready than ever before to move forward with sacrificing the red heifer in order to begin the high ceremonies and coronation of their Messiah.

“This also means that the temple mount which is shared by Jews and Muslims has to be totally taken over by the Jews,” added Dr. Burgin, who received his doctorate in theology from Kingswill Bible College and Theological Seminary in New York. “The implication here is that the war by Israel on Palestine under the pretext of destroying Hamas is really a small part of the bigger agenda to remove the mosque from ‘the holy site’ that is shared between Jews and Muslims.”

He asked what implication does this have with regards to peace in that part of the world and its implications for global conflict?

“The answer is this: If Israel continues to destroy Palestine, she is speeding up the inevitable attacks against her by predominantly Muslim countries in the region, as we have seen with the recent attacks by Iran on Israel,” Dr. Burgin said. “The situation will not end well for several reasons.”

He said chief among the reasons is “the ushering in of a deeply demonic period and agenda in that part of the world.

“What I am referring to is that Jews are expecting the arrival of their messiah,” Rev. Burgin said. “For this reason, we can expect increase in wars in the Middle East.”

He said this argument can be extended by way of showing the nature of Hamas and the Jews.

Dr. Burgin noted that Hamas emerged in 1987 during the first Palestinian uprising, or intifada, as an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch.

He said the group is committed to armed resistance against Israel and the creation of an Islamic Palestinian state in Israel’s place.

“Because of its Muslin origin, Hamas is naturally sympathetic to violent struggle,” said Dr. Burgin, adding that the Jews are “the unique group of people who are affiliated with worship in a synagogue.

“The point I am illustrating here is that at the heart of both Israel and the Palestinians, of which Hamas is a part, there is the desire to conquer other ethnic and religious peoples and philosophies using force and violence,” he added, warning that “if peace is achieved in the Middle East, it will not be a lasting peace.”

In the bible, Dr. Burgin noted that Jesus is referred to as “the prince of peace.”

He said while Jesus demonstrated a life of peace and charity, he was put to a violent death as an innocent man.

“Christians believe that this death was a cosmic event, which set in motion a global peace treaty with the spirit world forever,” Dr. Burgin said. “If this be so, then the only way for the world to achieve peace is through the embracing of the person and work of the Messiah called Jesus.

“We must bear in mind, that although there is a current war waging between Israel and Hamas, this is only the latest manifestation of a very old history of the waring and disobedient descendants of Jacob,” he added. “The implication here is that Israel must deal with Hamas as the organized resistance movement that it is, while Israel preserves the right of the Palestinian people to exist in the region as free people rather than an annexed nation in bondage and apartheid.

“If this is worked on, it can have such positive impact as to result in the peace of Israel and the future partnership or brotherly existence of Israel and Palestine,” Dr. Burgin continued. “Accepting Yeshua with his principles, values and his holy spirit is the only guarantee of peace within one’s soul personally and among nations, socially-politically.

“This is the key to lasting peace and to the destruction of evil,” he posited.

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